Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Robesonia Police Force

Tonight Robesonia is going to decide on merging it's police force with Wernersville. It would make more sense and be smarter cost wise to merge with Heidelberg Township which Supervisors DP Randler and Randy Yoh agree with and are willing to discuss. If we merge with Wernersville be aware that you will no longer be able to go to our local police office with concerns. Bigger is not always better. In this case it is not what is best for our small town (in my opinion). Randy Gartner would like to see the Heidelberg merger over Wernersville and as our new mayor beginning in January he has other ideas that make sense for Robesonia. Once again we have a boro council (the worst in history) that are more interested in power grabbing than doing what is in the best interests of the town. Please call your council members and voice your concerns about this decision. Even to ask for more time to see the projected costs and clearer details of the arrangement. Here are numbers to call:
Pres-Harvey Marshall 610-693-5688
V Pres-Joyce Phillips 610-693-3474 (she does not want to be contacted at home).
Bob Pierce- 610-693-6866
Abby Wertz 610-693-6182
Vernon Bright 610-693-5366
Jeff Gerhart 610-693-5391
Randy Gartner 610-693-6244
Mayor Frank Schnee 610-693-5457
Boro Hall 610-693-3474


  1. Thanks to all that showed up to try and delay the merger with Wernersville. Randy Gartner, Beth Sattizahn, Perry Lloyd etc. and to Abby Wertz the only council member that voted NO. Why the rush? Waiting until January would have been a smart decision and offer the time needed to get all the facts and figures. But the other 5 members of council voted to merge with Wernersville and possibly with Heidelberg in the future.

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  3. As a clarification to the statement made that I do not want to be contacted by Robesonia residents that is not accurate. I objected to having my personal unlisted phone number made public to anyone that visits the site. My contact information is available through the Borough Hall which is a more official way of conducting Borough business. Thank you, Joyce Phillips, Vice Pres. Borough Council

  4. The merger is not a done deal yet. Now the council must advertise they are doing it, have public meetings where we can ask more questions, and they must appoint the police commision. Stay tuned for dates and times if you are interested in following the process. I have deleted a blog I created after receiving a phone message from Joyce Phillips stating I had printed her unlisted phone number on communications with all of you. The phone number is in the phone book. I know in the past we could always contact council members at home but we have to respect the opt out for those who would rather use the boro secretary to conduct their business. I informed her that I would create a comment on this site and email those I sent the number not to use it, which I did. I have since removed that comment since she herself has voiced her wishes.

  5. Too bad the council woman has to hide behind an unlisted phone number. When you run for office, you should make yourself accesible to your constituents.