Thursday, December 17, 2009

Conrad Weiser Administration/Teacher Salaries

As requested I am posting 2007-2008 salaries of administration and teachers in our Conrad Weiser School District.  I cannot post them all but what I am posting should answer your questions.  I have more of an issue with the OVERPAID administration than I do with most of the teachers.  Keep in mind that in addition to these numbers they enjoy a good health care plan and a nice retirement package.  I admire the work a good teacher does.  My problem is how the schools spend our money and how little control we, as the paying people have in the say of how they spend it.  If the current administration and school board cannot tighten the belt and start lowering costs then it is time to replace them with more educated people with new ideas on how to close the account on our checkbooks. Please share your thoughts and consider taking them to school board meetings.  Go to this link for more information on Berks County Schools, salaries & comparisons.

Betsy Adams-High School Principal-$100,099
Robert Urzillo-Superintendent-$121,800
Robert Galtere-Asst Vice Principal-$68,800
Robert Bentz-Library-$78,096
Linda Breidigam-Nurse-$51,295
Chris Elliott-Counselor-$78,096
Chris Haller-Principal-$74,783
Candy Hartraft-Food Services Manager-$61,991
Lynne Hassler-Principal Elementary-$84,312
Kristin Herein-School Nurse-$49,914
John Karahuta-Counselor-$70,933
Russ Kline-Counselor-$57,288
Elizabeth Lambu-Supervisor Curriculum-$95,000
Kathie Matthew-Library-$73,381
Sandra Pearsall-Library-$56,390
Charles Rabuck-Principal-$99.270
Robert Reese-Supervisor Special Ed-$100,170
Robin Robertson-Business Manager-$80,000
Dennis Roule-Asst Superintdent-$109,800
Scott Shultz-Director of Athletics-$66,050
Kara Small-School Psychologist-$47,847
Louise Snyder-Ocepek-School Nurse-$53,635
Gina Spicknall-Cook-School Psychologist-$22,800
Joseph Torchia-was Middle School Principal at $87,130 another position was created for Torchia to remain in the district
Amanda Weidner-School Psychologist-$44,529
Rita Wingle-Librarian-$58,561
Bev Yoder-Nurse-$52,295
Courtney Zickler-Counselor-$49,295
Now for the Teachers
Karen Arndt-Grades 1 to 3-$66,139
Jean Becker-Special Ed-$59,904
Gene Becker-Pys Ed-$78,096
Cheryl Benfer-Grades1-3-$65,412
Brenda Bennick-$72,361
Kenny Bright-$43,338
Deb Brubaker-$57,219
Tony Casamassa-$50,881
Cindy Clouser-Special Ed-$61,316
Diana Cook-Music-$57,288
Arlan Dietrich-Computers/Math-$78,096
Rebecca Donahue-Atl Ed-$59,973
Ann Douglas-Special Ed-$62,727
Ray Edwards-Biology/Science-$78,096
Janis Edwards-English-$72,361
Anna Erdman-Grades 4-6-$59,973
Amy Eremita-Grades 1-3-$39,818
Charleen Evaul-Special Ed-$66,518
Sally Fetterman-Speech Correction-$65,176
Natalie Fisher-Math-$65,176
Roger Flory-Grades 4-6-$78,096
Lori Franco-Grades 1-3-$57,288
Ray Frederick-Ind Arts-$58,828
Sandra George-Special Ed-$44,092
Rose Gerhart-German-$57,219
Robert Good-Special Ed-$65,176
Christine Goodhart-Art-$57,629
Sandra Grajewski-Earth & Space-$55,149
Roberta Hampson-English-$73,381
Dennis Harman-Math-$78,096
Phillip Hayes-Social Studies-$78,096
Steve Heffner-English-$67,861
Louise Houtz-Grades 1-3-$65,176
Diane Hubler-Home Ec-$26,198
David Jensen-Special Ed-$73,381
Greg Kirschman-Ind Arts-$73,381
Clark Knarr-Computer Tech-$71,984
Sheila Lentz-English-$78,096
Jeff Lillis-Gifted Classes-$67,159
Russ Lowe-Art-$43,318
Debra McDermott-Grades 1-3-$58,838
Tabitha Meridith-Ag-$47,092
Holly Miller-Grades1-3-$69.913
Steve Miller-Ag-$78,096
Dave Moerder-Ind Arts-$68-893
Kathy Mohn-English-$67,861
Alan Moyer-Atl Ed-$58,631
Cindy Murdough-Sciences-$61,385 (18 yrs)
Zach Musser History/SS-$19,000 (1st year)
Vince Natale-Math-$48,400 (10 yrs)
James Nicholas-Science-$41,774 (2 yrs)
Nicole Noll-Grades4-6-$57,597 (12 yrs)
Cathy Penta-Reading-$66,518 (21 yrs)
Paula Prohaska-Math-$47,092 (6 yrs)
Denise Rathman-Science/Bio-$62,491 (5yrs)
Bonnie Redcay-Grades 1-3-$78,096 (35 yrs)
Stacey Ressler-Grades 1-3-$55,116 (10 yrs)
Diane Rurode-Latin-78,096 (33 yrs)
Nancy Schafer-Kindergarten-$39,318 (1 yr)
Ann Schmidt-Economics-$53,635 (15 yrs)
Stefanie Schneck-Special Ed-$43,592 (3 yrs)
Linda Schnieder-Instructional Support-$66,139
Deb Smith-Kindergarten-$49,861 (5 yrs)
Melani Sunderland-Grades 4-6-$62,491 (9 yrs)
Patricia Thornon-Special Ed-$78,096
Catherine Wenger-Grades 4-6-$72,635
Scott Wert-Social Studies-$53,395
Elizabeth Wissinger-Typing-$78,096 (31 yrs)
Cathi Witmer-Typing-$49,640 (11 yrs)
Ruth Wolfe-6th-$68,893 (27 yrs)
Kathy Zerbe-Grades 1-3-$66,139 (29 yrs)
Just some not near all of the salaries.  The median salary for Weiser is $53,000


  1. wayne from womelsdorfJanuary 5, 2010 at 8:21 PM

    how much does your husband make a year vickie? for you to be able to sit at home and still have a mountain house. tell us what he makes you dont seem to mind posting what everyone else makes.

  2. Hi Wayne from Womelsdorf
    I actually have been working 4 jobs for the past 4 years. I worked 3 jobs the 10 years before that. I have NEVER sat home. I had to support myself and 2 boys for the past 16 years with help from thier dad but, they lived with me. He only took them 4 days a month. Dennis and I are not married. As far as my house I bought it 13 years ago with my divorce settlement money. Dennis has owned his home in Lock Haven for over 25 years. Combined we don't make near a teachers salary or have health benefits. We both work through our summers and I work most holidays. No benefits, no pension, no raises. Just plain hard work for the little we manage to keep from the government. Hope that helps clear up the wrong information you were given.

  3. Vickie, your profile states that you are married and live a wonderful life with your "hubby". Yet above you say you're divorced, so which is it? And how much do you make a year? Seems you have no issues sharing what teachers make considering they TAUGHT your children how to read, write, do math, etc. Teachers and doctors are THE MOST underpaid people on the planet. For you to post this shows how arrogant you are and how unappreciative you are to their profession and what they do for the children who will one day run this great nation.

  4. I do live a wonderful life. I feel lucky to be healthy and have a great family. Dennis and I are common law we never married. I am divorced for 16 years from my childrens father. Both my boys graduated from Weiser not knowing how to balance a checkbook. I can't read their writing. I read to them before they started school and taught them a lot of what the schools are missing these days. I have total appreciation for teachers. If you read the above it is the administration I have a problem with. They are OVERPAID! Everyone is losing jobs, not getting raises, and trying to just get by in these hard times. Our teachers are not underpaid. We all have to be considerate of each other. That doesn't make me arrogant just realistic.

  5. There's one thing I cannot stand is someone putting the blame on the educators because their children can't balance a checkbook or messy penmanship. Get involved. Simple as that. I am married to an educator and am tired of parents putting the blame on the schools. I have two children in the CW school district and am in constant touch with the teachers and am active in their education. I respect the teachers and administrators and I EXPECT nothing less from my children.

  6. Hate to bust your bubble but I was involved in my boy's education. Teachers are paid to do a job if they don't do it I'm sorry that is not my fault. If I don't do my job, which is just as important as teaching by the way, I can't just pass the buck and blame someone else. I am held accoutable to do what I am getting paid for. At the salaries they collect they should be teaching our kids. Kids shouldn't graduate undereducated. As far as the administration if you have had to be in contact with them you must have issues like many of us have had. Of course if you're married to an insider you have more power. Many parents are home schooling because of ISSUES. I appreciate whole heartedly what a GOOD teacher does and I know many. This subject was raised because we are all struggling out here and it is not a time to ask for more from the community by way of increasing taxes.

  7. I'm a state worker - and a former district employee. My salary has been public for years. As a state worker, I have not received a raise in 3 years - and may not again this year. I'm just thankful for my job. I can tell you the Superintendent of CWSD makes entirely too much money - the man couldn't even turn on his computer when he started at CWSD - I was there! And if I had a dollar for every story from "when I was in NY" - I could probably retire!! I believe teachers have a difficult job - no doubt - and I appreciate the good ones. I do know some great ones - and some not so great ones. But unions, as with the state, protect good and bad. In this economy, I think everyone should be willing to give up a little to keep their job - it's the right thing to do!

  8. I believe that teachers do make a fair salary; with a master's degree, I would hope to make more than $78,000 after 30 years. The problem I have is that in today's environment they should be glad they even have a job. How many other careers are left where one can even expect to stay for 30 years. With foreclosures at the highest amounts in years and property taxes through the roof, how is the school district supposed fund these increases; on the backs of fewer & fewer who can afford it. Teachers are only thinking of themselves right now, not their neighbors. They are not living in the real world. Maybe if we home school our kids, the teachers will learn what it feels like to lose their jobs!

  9. Why don't you post everyone's comments, Vickie?

  10. Everyones comments do get posted. Nothing to hide I want it all out there...

  11. Are you hiding behind annonymous because you are ashamed that you collect one of these salaries? All comments made to all subjects are posted and if you would read them all you can see some are less than favorable toward me, if that is your angle. If you feel something you wrote didn't post, rewrite it. Many times when I go to post new subjects I have to repost them 2 or three times until they go through. If you don't know how to do this, have someone show you. I am not rattled by anyone's opinion of me or my work. I don't hide my name or my thoughts unlike some cowards. In this business you take the good with the bad and I am fortunate that the good is worth all the negative. I have also learned that the negative comes from less than honest people who have many secrets.

  12. If you wanted a better paying job Vickie, Maybe you should have gone to college. Don't blame the teachers for going to college and finding a good paying job. You could have done the same!
    I do agree that there are good and bad teachers in the district. 56k a year for teaching children is a well deserved salary!

  13. I was more interested in raising my children and it is a choice I have never regretted. Where is it written that I agree or disagree with teacher salaries? I started the post because now is the wrong time to be threatening to strike for more money when more and more people are losing their jobs and homes and cannot afford another tax increase. No blame, it's just common sense that 56k should be enough when most of the population is hurting.

  14. Thank you Vickie for posting the info on the salaries of various CW administrators and teachers. I agree wholeheartedly that the teachers, all of whom have, in addition to generous salaries and tenured positions, hefty pension and benefit packages which are far more generous than those offered to employees in the private sector, need to come to grips with reality and be thankful for what they have. They really should not be getting any raise in this downtrodden economy and their benefits should be slashed. I say let them strike if they do not want to agree with the Board's proposal!

  15. I went to Conrad Weiser all my life, when i graduated in 2007 and went to college in the fall i was not ready at all. Some teachers were great, and others taught me absolutely nothing. Unfortunately the ones who taught me nothing were the classes that i needed the knowledge for college. In high school i was a straight A student, with maybe one or two Bs. I had one teacher who myself and other student reported for sexual comments and according to some people, these were sexual acts, and nothing got done about it by the administration we took the information to. This made high school hard.

  16. I am so sorry for your struggle. This is unacceptable!!!!! Wow the cover up is and always be sorry but until you name names my hands are tied. I do care!

  17. I went to Conrad Weiser as well, and when I graduated in 2005 I was very well prepared for college. I got accepted to a good college, finished my 4 years and am now an educator. I disagree with this post on so many different levels. Why, when teachers are basically doing half of a parents job, are they expected to do so for low pay? For example, Zach Musser. It's his first year and he's making 19,000 dollars. That's barely enough to live off of. I'd have to say people on welfare get more than that a year. He went to college, was impressive enough to earn a job, works hard with someone's children, and makes minimal pay. Teachers are expected to raise 30 children a year, and 100 children if they're in the middle school or high school! We're expected to teach them subject matter, how to be good people, respect, and morals. I'm not saying YOU didn't teach your children some of those things, but many parents don't. So think of all the work you did to raise your children- teachers do it all too, including going to the occasional sporting event, concert, talent show, etc to show their support. Children are LUCKY to have teachers and even luckier when they have great parents as well. But for you, as a parent, to say that teachers should settle for less than what they're worth because the economy is struggling- well that's just ridiculous.

  18. I agree most teachers do a great job. I don't think anyone is asking teachers to settle for less they need to accept what they have. If the pink slips go out finding a $19,000 job won't be easy. Right now most of the people in the Weiser district can't afford higher school taxes. There are a lot of schools firing, laying off and eliminating positions. That is not impossible at Weiser. I think it would be the best learning lesson for teachers to lose their jobs and live the life their students parents are living. Their are no jobs, no health ins., no pensions. Be happy with what they have before it is gone. A lot of people have an education and have no job. They are "good" people too! Maybe the only way teachers will understand the real world is a to lose their jobs.

  19. the teachers who are paid 50k to 70k deserve it. and if i would get a masters degree in the future i would hope to make more then that to pay of all teh debts. o and who would teach the kids if the teachers were to learn that "lesson" of yours. certainly not you

  20. If a teacher is making that much per year the debt would be paid off. That is not a starting salary. No, I wouldn't be teaching children that is not my career choice but there are thousands of good teachers willing to work for less that $70.000 a year. It's time to worry about those childrens families who can not afford the high school taxes. Let me guess you inherited money or don't work to earn money so you really don't care how high our taxes are. I do. I have witnessed 3 neighbors lose homes because they couldn't pay their school taxes. From your tone and writing ability I highly doubt you could achieve a master's degree. But maybe you could be a bit more sympathetic to the elderly and not so rich who also deserve to own a home and live the good life. We all agree good teachers are needed but it isn't the only profession that makes a difference.