Monday, March 22, 2010

Local Salaries

As promised here are some of the earnings of local people. 
Carol Kennedy-$22,000 Retail Sales, 4 yr. Business Degree
Barry Meade-$33,000 Account Manager Tech Solutions, 4 yr technical engineer Degree
Mary Allger-$8,200 Waitress, High School
Sharon Miller-$12,000 Waitress, 4 yr. Business Degree
Gary Degler-Robesonia Streets Department $31,200
Lisa Heilman-$30,000 Robesonia Borough Secretary
Vickie Correll-$8,551.00 Tax Collector, High School Diploma
Grace Ketner-$21,000 Sales support, GED
Brad Pagerly-$38,000 Truck driver
Mitch Rogers-$35,360 Order picker, High school diploma
Paul Lantz-$42,000 CPA 4 yr degree
Gov. Rendell-$174.435 Govenor of PA (just as a comparrison to a Weiser superintendent)
These jobs are mostly year round positions.  Most have limited health benefits.
I'll post more as I get them.


  1. seems to me the people with degrees on this list made some stupid choices.I see what you are trying to say but how can you say that a waitress with a buisness degree is only making so much compared to a teacher that uses the degree she got as a job , it makes no sense to me but then again you are a republicican and thats how you people think TWISTED

  2. There are no jobs. Kids are coming out of college with no where to use their high priced education. At least she is working, smart choice. I have family that graduated with a teahing degree. THERE ARE NO JOBS!!! I can see you Democrats just don't get it!

  3. lol you make me laugh all you all about the money you dont care about anything else. if you had to put in the hours a teacher does(not sitting in a shop waiting for people to buy your over priced crap), a teacher puts in more hours at home than they do at school, and if you dont beleive that ask any teacher worth the name teacher. and they care care about there students not just the money, have you ever had to try to handle and teach 2-3 kids with mental peoblems? along with 15-20 more kids and care enough to put in hours at home every night along with weekends to give the kids everything tey sick of hearing the whining about money. i dont make alot where i work but i like my job so i put up with everything else but i dont whine about it (like the reps do) you take what you can get and live like what you have.without putting down those that make a littl more than you do

  4. You got the wrong girl. Never owned a store or sold over priced crap. Educate yourself. I def put in way more hours than teachers and I do it all year long. Teachers make what they make. Now isn't the time to ask for more when the economy is pathetic. I am always amazed when I get postings from people who #1 don't know who I am #2 are so uneducated on the topic #3 decide my opinions are republican

  5. they are republican any idiot that can read can see that. and there you go again proving it by whining that you have to work all year--wah wah wah so do i but thats how it for those that are uneducated i guess thay could have used a good teacher. i dont see you complaining how much sara palin makes a year or how much she made on her book( alot of whining about how bad she had--lol---guess she must be a republican)and i guess if you need a few days off sell your mountain home. as for askng for more doesnt every republican ceo take whatever they can get ?

  6. Don't own a mountain home that would be Dennis. Who is Sarah Palin? Should that mean something to me?

  7. I can see by all the comments, that you shouldn't drink the water in small towns. What does it matter what Vickie owns, why should you worry? I feel in todays economy we should all be glad for what we have. One to be working and two the benifits the teachers of Weiser have had it good , why cant they see that .. I wonder when you go to be a teacher is there a College course that teaches you how to rack the local townships and boroughs over the coals? How to threaten them to strike if they dont get there way ?? Isn't the first thing we learned in Kindergarden was to Compromise? Wait I learned that at home not at SCHOOL. Vickie I think your doing a hellofva job !!! Keep up the excellent work!

  8. Thank you for hearing. Hammer down. People are nasty.

  9. the same as any union ou must be a stupid rep just like her---whats the use in talking to either of you morons

  10. Does that mean you'll find something else to do? Get a job maybe...stop doing drugs and drinking all the time? Useless people have useless comments!

  11. ive been working all my life no drugs and drink very little but i bet yoyr bf does---would have to to be with someone like you

  12. Vickie..u should find something else to do..all you do is complain and to tell the truth it isnt productive at all. Get a life and stop bragging about things you dont do

  13. Sorry I like what I do and by my success so do 7,000 readers. Telling the truth isn't complaining or bragging. I share information to better educate people like yourself that seem to need it. I have a very productive life and one I am proud of. Not everyone has the same opinions and I don't expect everyone to like me. That's life. Sounds like you are very miserable with yours if your only fun is to spend hours on my blog making nasty comments.