Friday, March 5, 2010

Meeting with Senator Cox on the Wernersville Correction Facility

If you can attend this meeting do so.  The more people to ask questions and demand answer on this prison the better.  These prisoners are roaming our streets and loitering at businesses.  They are repeat and violent offenders.  That means rape, murder, assault, burglary etc.  Many of them are not from Berks County.  They are not fenced in and are barely monitored as they tour our communities.  There have been break ins and harrasement incidences directly related to these prisoners.  Attend this meeting and be heard!!!


  1. We got the attention of WFMZ 69 news and now have an open blog spot on their topix page. People are taking notice and reacting.

    Good work Vickie.

  2. WFMZ 69 news has picked up our story on now are public is remarking on their "topix" blog site. This is being read all over country now. People are noticing and commenting. Feel free to join in too. Thanks for your great work Vickie.