Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Disrespect Stops Annonymous Postings

Due to a few people showing disrespect and rudeness toward local business owners and myself I will no longer accept anonymous postings.  I am amazed how little most people know about this town and the people that live here.  They are surely in the dark about me and the more successful people who live and work here.  Some claim to be newcomers.  (FYI, I receive the identity of everyone who posts on my blog)  I refuse to allow their contempt to play out on this blog.  I am sorry to say I know these people and cannot believe the nasty personalities they have or have developed.  Is it jealousy?  For many yes.  Is it misconstrued information?  Absolutely!  Whatever their issues may be I will not allow them to use this site as a means to stomping on those that have worked for improvement and positive change for Robesonia.  It is a disgrace to pick on a child because of your own issues.  You really need to stop separating Fry Manor from Robesonia.  How does one become so closed minded or redirected into thinking Robesonia 19551 is not my home town because I grew up in Fry Manor?  That flawed way of thinking only comes from one small flock of people.  If you really want to share your distorted points of view I think everyone should know who you are not just me and those I tell.  My guess is all cowards will stay in their closets and continue to feed off of each other.

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