Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kidnapping Children and Almost Getting Away With it plus the Cash for Kids scandal.

Another very informative powerful video as evidence to what Children and Youth Services and the Department of Welfare do to families and get away with it.  I have witnessed this in my own case as have thousands of PA families.  Targeting the poor, holding children hostage, lying, covering up, ignoring laws and rights, using the police and entering without warrants.....the list goes on.  Pay attention PA residents.  This could be you or your family someday.  Don't wait until you are a victim to help make these creeps in these agencies held accountable!

This is an overlook at the "Cash for Kids" scandal in Luzerne County.  These creeps sold kids into detention center for big bucks.  It takes so long to expose these corrupt happenings because so many are to scared to expose them.  After all people have been killed calling out what CYS agencies do.  My nephew was threatened by Judge Arthur Grim of being sent to Hershey Boys School.  To this day I believe he was involved in this scandal and was never caught.  Because I attended the hearing when he tried to throw my nephew to the wolves I witnessed first hand just how much these people get away with.  The savior was an Attorney, Barbara Washburn, from New Jersey.  She was not afraid of the corruption in the Berks County Courthouse and saved my nephew from being a victim of "Cash for Kids!"  We need more fearless lawyers and whistle blowers to get on board and take down all of the players in the many scams being run everyday on our children and families.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Modern Mafia video on the CORRUPTION in Children and Youth Services.

This is one of the BEST videos I have seen done that covers how corrupt Children and Youth Services, DPW, lawyers, and social workers are.  Please watch every segment.
Dr Keefer hits the nail on the head.  This needs to stop.  Children and families deserve the rights this country has given us to not be abused and destroyed by these agencies.