Saturday, April 26, 2014

Protecting a Newborn from Kidnapping at Hospital

This is the notice that is to protect all newborn babies from being kidnapped from a hospital.  Utilize it in your living will when going into hospital or before admission.  Roxanne Gringe wrote this about the protection.
Very important that you have a federal lawsuit (civil rights weakest) - strongest nature of action: personal injury cause of action Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization Legal Malpractice (fraud billing) 18 U.S.C. Fraud of Identification Documents and related information; Dept of justice claim for damages form 95 personal injuries disability or wrongful death caused by employee(s) of federally funded agency and the claim form served on the agency or the federal lawsuit suit complaint served on defendant(s) who committed perjury to cause the State Court to malpractice Municipal, State and Federal Statutes. 

Another preventative administrative step we took was to pay for and order our old Child Abuse Clearances - a Modus Operandi of intentional DHS employees to summarily defraud state Child Abuse Registries so that they can falsely justify their violating Family Preservation Policies of Federal Funding paying for the Children's protective services delegated through the state agencies. The case worker employee makes the false allegation of child abuse to a state database so every relative who would be a choice for preserving family is ruled out and the dishonest state employee receives the financial incentive bonus to pocket into their own pockets at least $6,000 if they can say the child has to be placed with a DHS foster contractor and then of course after no contact and administrative errors no accountability the behavioral health bonding evaluator contractor invariably says too much time as passed and the child is better off adopted out would be traumatized if returned to their real family who was kept busy jumping through hoops of family service plans that amass even more falsified or negligent perjurious reports to the Court who now has no idea of what the evidence is in the best interest of any divorce custody child support or incarceration matter.

You want to create a paper and data disc or flash drive easily transmittal notice with your back up for support. You want to have at least original signed paper sets for handing out at the hospital and keeping one on you at all times to show local law enforcement who DHS employee might invoke to enforce an unlawful act. You want to inform the local law enforcement officer who remember is also a working class person wanting to do their job but also having their own moral set of principals and not necessarily wishing t cause any harm, that the agency employee is restrained from touching or transporting any member of your family or yourself because of the agencies' prior malpractice and injuries causes documented in these federal actions. You want to tell the local law enforcement official that the agency nor it's employees have jurisdiction that jurisdiction rests in federal court and you are a Federal Crime Witness Claimant in the process of recovering damages for the harms this agency has already caused. 

You want to politely inform the local law enforcement who might assist a DHS employee in transporting your newborn or arresting anyone in the family that county or ity which employees them in addition to that particular officer can be sued for their personal assets as well as for the actions in violating USC 18 242 Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law.

The responsible but assertive pre-planned organized preventive steps turned out to be the administrative solution for rescuing now 16 months old Grayson my grandson from assuredly planned DHS retaliation kidnap of our newborn in the hospital and for stopping further illegal detainers, unlawful imprisonments of protective grandmother and mother and the proof of attempted murder of grandmother on March 8, 2010 at City of Philadelphia jail when I tried to save my grandbabies Ezekiel Zadkiel Brown and Arriyel Roxanne Brown from Fern Brown Caplan's taking bribes to Senior Judge Robert J. Matthews needing to cover up his colleagues felonies which resulted in the Philadelphia Family Court being abused to issue Child Abuse orders that caused my grandchildren to be 06/08/10 PKPA mob assault with baseball bats, guns and beatings to be housed with a convicted rapist sheldon holloway and irreparably injured living in squalor conditions while the ignorant thug mob assault fugitives enjoy the coverage given to them by the corruption in Philadelphia Family Court and Mayor's Nutter's legacy of nepotism corruption.

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