Friday, September 11, 2015

Berks County Children and Youth Services Caseworkers Behaving Badly

Read on as caseworkers make fun of stealing children.  Joke of what goes on behind closed doors and brag about getting out of a speeding ticket.  Remember how they use tickets and alcohol to take your children.  Hypocritical as they are doing the same thing.  They surely should not hold positions in that they are kidjacking children.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cesar Update

UPDATE 9/21/2015 Story By Medical Kidnap
From the #ReuniteandFight4Cesar [1] Facebook page today:
Dr. Holick has confirmed Cesar has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and he had the infantile rickets In which caused bone fragility.
As Health Impact News has previously reported,
On June 29, she says she traveled to Boston to meet with world-renowned Dr. Michael Holick, Ph.D. M.D., who counts among his accomplishments pioneering ground-breaking research on vitamin D. After obtaining Cesar and Jessica’s family history and examining Jessica, he reportedly diagnosed her with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome III, which is a hypermobile type of EDS. Because she has the disorder, the likelihood of a similar medical condition in her son is increased. [See here [2].]
Earlier in September, a judge approved for Jessica Battiato to take her son Cesar to Dr. Holick for a visit on September 21, where he has now confirmed the diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos.
She is hopeful that this finding will help her get her son back home quickly.
She still has to face a court battle, where CPS may try to discount the testimony of Dr. Holick and other experts. Their case is based on the testimony of child abuse specialist Dr. Kathryn Crowell, who has previously “misrepresented” medical evidence in the past, resulting in an innocent father being sent to prison before he was exonerated by the facts.

As of today Cesar is still in foster care.  On July 29, 2015 another hearing was held in front of Judge Mary Ann Ullman.  Lead attorney Matt Kopecki asked the court to allow for Cesar to see Dr. Michael Holick in his office in Boston.  All the medical evidence that has been gathered was presented.  Children and Youth services refused and instead suggested a second opinion from another child abuse expert at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).  The child has not been abused.   Dr. Ayoub and Dr. Holick believe its rickets, but there is a possibility Cesar carries a genetic defect of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and which can cause bone fragility among infants who have a combination and who have vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency.  Crowell the Hershey doctor that made the accusations of child abuse against the parents refuses to accept any other diagnosis even though she has been on trial before for mis-diagnosing this disease.  Attorney Kopecki countered by explaining to Judge Ullman that Cesar has a rare condition and very few experts are available since rickets has returned in children as an illness once thought to be non-existent for years.  Although Ullman did say a visit with expert Holick was not out of the question she needed a "significant reason" for the trip.
Cesar's mom feels the whole reason to send him to CHOP is to cover up Dr. Crowell's mistake.  Because both Crowell and BCCYS refuse to look at valid medical reasons for Cesar's condition.  BCCYS went as far as to call Dr. Holick a "Quack."  Considering she has absolutely no medical degree it does appear that CYS is refusing to look at the evidence so they can continue to hold Cesar in foster care.  Jessica stated, "This is my son.  Stop covering your behinds.  Give me my son back." 
The motion for that reason was heard on September 1st.  Dr. Holick testified on Cesar's behalf via telephone.  During testimony the BCCYS workers appeared very nervous and unprepared to deal with a real expert like Dr. Holick.  The county had no real evidence or substantial testimony to present.  Judge Ullman proceeded to grant the motion for Cesar to go Boston for an appointment with Dr. Holick.  The will be accompanied by BCCYS workers and the foster mom.  Berks County is covering the traveling expenses.  Great news for Cesar and his parents.
 “The Mission of the Berks County Children and Youth Services is to protect children and assure their physical & emotional well-being as provided by law, and to preserve, strengthen & empower their families.”
Jessica feels this statement "promotes false hope."  "Berks County Children and Youth Services failed to assure baby Cesar’s physical and emotional well-being. Instead, BCCYS and Hershey started name calling our expert, Dr. Holick, a “Quack.”  They’re not focused on my son’s physical and emotional well-being; instead, they are attacking our experts. It seems my son’s medical condition has become a joke to BCCYS team and Hershey Medical Center. They are more focused on covering themselves, than concluding with the correct diagnosis of Cesar. It seems they are ready for war and it has become a battle of the experts. But, when it comes to a mother’s love for her child, it is one of the most powerful feelings that has given me strength to be fearless for my son. I am ready, I am prepared, and I am his advocate."
Because Cesar's injuries were reported as abuse Jessica must also endure a child abuse investigation.  Detective Ivan Martinez was assigned to her case admitting that he has never done a child abuse investigation.  He attempted to force Jessica into a polygraph test but he refused to guarantee that if she took the test and she passes that Cesar would be returned.  She refused the test knowing she is innocent assuming this is just another tactic to manipulate her case without the guarantee that baby Cesar be given back to her. 
The next court hearing is scheduled for October 13, 2015 at 9:30am.  In the interim Cesar's parents are going to meet with State Rep Mark Gillen on September 8, 2015 and are waiting to hear from Senator Schwank as well. 
Please contact the governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, and ask that Baby Cesar be returned to his family. He may be reached at 717-787-2500.
The Battiatos are represented by Rep. Mark Gillen, who may be reached at (610) 775-5130.
Senator Judith Schwank is the senator for the Battiatos’ district. She may be reached at (717) 787-8925.
Read more about Jessica and Cesar:
Television news program 20/20 also covered this rare disease on March 11, 2015, featuring Dr. Holick and other families affected by incorrect diagnoses.
More information on Hypermobility may be found at