Sunday, October 25, 2015

Update on Tony and Danielle

An update on a story that has run in the first two issues of the Gazette on Tony, Danielle and Breanna.  Berks County CYS still continues to hold Breanna hostage in the system even though they have been unable to produce any documentation of abuse or any substantial basis for her removal.  When they fail to prove one thing they make up another reason to keep her.  Tony and Danielle are continuing to jump through the required hoops to get their daughter back only to get confronted with more allegations.  Due to the fact that Breanna is only 11 years old and a hot commodity for adoption the parents are finding it difficult to fight an agency that has no oversight and in fact is permitted to wrongfully take innocent children from good parents for the cash incentives they receive from the federal government.  Berks County needs more attorneys that are willing to step up and help get families like them reunited.  If you are a willing attorney to go up against Berks County CYS please contact me.  I can keep you very busy with all the cases of children who have been illegally taken from their families.

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