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This is the exact same in PA.  They use 3-4 same doctors that will create a list of mental problems you have and these doctors are millionaires because they cooperate.  Never use their evaluators.  Contact me and I will refer you to honest doctors for a fair evaluation.

Almost without exception every service plan given to a parent includes a psyche evaluation. The cost can be from $500.00 to $1,200.00.
Because CPS targets poor families in the forced removal of children, they appear to be helping you out by offering a voucher or cost defrayment if you use the shrink of their choice. In some states (like Oklahoma) CPS will only accept a psyche evaluation from the doctor who has the "state contract".
What cps does not tell you is that doctor does not receive the payment unless there is a diagnosis for services. In other words the shrink HAS to say there is something wrong with you in order to get paid for services. This does two things. Both are an intentional ploy on the part of CPS to further strengthen their grip on your children, further alienate your children from you, and keep you busy trying to get counseling and services for the bogus diagnosis while they steal your children for the forced adoption market.
The psyche evaluation is designed for you to "fail" just as every other step of the service plan is! What can you do about it? Ask the judge if you may get your psyche evaluation from a doctor of your choosing. Yes, you will have to pay for it BUT, do you want your kids back? I took the pshyche evaluation and my diagnosis was narcisstic personality disorder. Since that evaluation, I have had four more done and not one even mentioned that diagnosis. The evaluation given by a doctor of CPS choice is RIGGED! You can also get a second evaluation from another doctor so you can refute the findings of the first(biased) doctor. Call the department of mental health in your area to find income based, reduced cost, or free psych eval.
I encourage you to get counseling from the start of your case, every week. You can also find counsellors thru the department of mental health. Insist that your children receive counseling while in states' custody. Cps/DHS will try to ignore anything that will cost the state money, such as psychiatric care for your traumatized children. Present counseling and other care to the judge via a motion. When the judge rules on a motion ORDERING cps to comply with counseling, they must do it. It's an uphill battle but well worth the fight for the long term well being of your already traumatized ‪#‎TAKEN‬child.
So in summary; while you are taking "their" psych eval and counseling, go get a second opinion or evaluation from your own doctor so you can refute the findings of their biased providers.
Other than keeping you busy with bogus services while they forcefully alienate your children from you, they want that court ordered psyche evaluation because it's a very effective tool that CPS can use against you in many ways. They can insist upon long term psychiatric care for you to stretch out the amount of time you are court involved (remember that their goal is the 18 month termination of your parental rights so they can adopt your child to strangers and get the most Title IV funds available). The psyche evaluation is subject to interpretation and much of the smoke and mirrors diagnosis is actually hogwash. Every parent has some type of diagnosis that requires further services. Everyone!!!.
Again, ask the judge for a doctor of your choice, if he won't agree, get one anyway. That way you can refute the findings of the CPS doctor. The evaluation is just one more tainted tool CPS is going to try to use to permanently remove your children. Period!!! Get it done, just like all the services on the individualized service plan but try to get a second opinion. Don't EVER forget that CPS' primary goal is forced adoption, NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU! Approach your interaction with this agency with that in the front of your mind! When you take the psyche evaluation be calm, be reasonably honest, don't overthink your answer, and remember the same question may be asked more than once in order to see if you are being untruthful or trying to be manipulative. Just answer truthfully and get it over with. And above all don't stress out. That's what cps wants you to do.
The evaluation is just one more part of the agency's plan to intimidate you. Just do the darn thing. The reason I recommend counseling from the beginning of your nightmare with cps is two fold: ONE: you need it after experiencing the forced removal of your children. Two: is shows the court your sincere desire to make any necessary changes to bring your children home. It shows the judge your willingness to examine problems and find solutions.
My last suggestion concerning the psyche evaluation is to find out the history of the doctor giving the test. Are they actually qualified? Or is CPS just telling you they are? Don't EVER accept a statement from a caseworker as the gospel in your family court case. The caseworker is a master manipulator and a notorious liar. Remember their paycheck comes when they traffic your child to FORCED adoption!

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