Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Should a district court judge be the person who decides the fate of a family that is never charged with a crime?
Some advocates believe that the figures may go as high as 85% of parents who have their children ‪#‎TAKEN‬ are NEVER charged with a crime. This is the most important and very first thing that should determine whether your case should even be in front of a district court judge, a juvenile judge or whatever judge cps can rope into hearing your "case". It is my opinion (and many other advocates) that the family court case should not even be in a "court of law" in the first place. How can a judge determine the fitness of a parent based only on the report of a caseworker who may have spent less than an hour with the parents or a CASA who may have at the point of the 1st hearing, not even met the parents, been to the home, or even be professionally qualified to make that determination?
So what it boils down to is this: a person YOU DO NOT KNOW, is going to listen to two more people you do not know and make a life altering decision about the way your life and the life of your children is going to be from now on. On top of that this judge, who is supposed to deal in fact, equality, fairness, and going to base his decision solely on hearsay, 1/2 truths, unsubstantiated reports of abuse and outright lies.
Because there is no due process in family courts you are about to lose your children to the unending nightmare of cps supervision. That translates into a life of trauma for your child. A life of foster care, forced medication, forced adoption to strangers and possibly physical, mental, and sexual abuse all perpetrated by the agency assigned with protecting children.
How did it come to this? The child welfare act was designed to take abused children from dangerous situations and "protect" them. In just a few short years a severe shortage of foster care and housing solutions did not fit the growing need. Lawmakers scrambled for a solution to the warehousing of these children. The solution was to financially incentivize adoption of these long term foster children. By giving unlimited funding to CPS and the court system to find permanent homes for these children, lawmakers unknowingly created a whole new industry. By 2003 DHS agencies across the nation had come into the full realization of the funding available to them thru the federal adoption incentive signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1997 and the race was on!
Adopting these children to strangers was given the highest actual priority because that is where the most federal monies are retrieved. Lawmakers are still patting themselves on the back for so neatly disposing of the problem of long term kids in care that nobody wanted and at the same time getting all these "loser" parents off of welfare rolls and off the government dole. Forced adoption seemed to be the perfect answer and to legitimize the entire mess why not put a person of authority and power in charge of it all and call the confiscation of our children....what else? THE FAMILY COURT PROCESS, a process that ignores constitutional law, due process, burden of proof, the right to face your accuser, AND in many states no right to a jury of your peers.
The family court process is the most corrupt event since the Sicilian takeover of New York Burroughs in the 1920's! Every part of the court process is tainted from the court appointed attorney, CASA, GAL, to the biased psyche evaluation that requires a diagnosis for psychiatric services in order for the doctor to receive the fee The entire process is crooked and designed for the parent to fail. Period. But we are supposed to accept it because we were taught to respect authority, justice, the legal process, and above all the honor of a judge. Well that judge has taken seminars, classes, special instruction, AND gets financial incentive for his decisions in the family court process. In fact every single person you encounter in the process from the time your children are #TAKEN to the day they are adopted is receiving a fee or financial award for the permanent removal of your child from your life. And it all starts and ends with that corrupt judge that's sitting there in front of you in that courtroom.
That judge is going to tell you to sign the adjudication papers, complete the service plan, and you will get your kids back. That judge is lying thru his corrupt teeth. Reunification has never been and will never be the true intention of a corrupt family court. Your child is a commodity for funding. Your child is the paycheck for every single person you meet in this nightmare. The judge is the primary decision maker for your life of throughout this entire process.
What can you do? Almost nothing effectively at this point. Advocates across the country are working to change that. As we lobby lawmakers for changes in the family court process and federal laws concerning child welfare funding, you must take the time to educate yourself to your rights and the laws. You can also register to vote, watch the schedule of voting in your county and VOTE! Most district judges are elected and with a minimum amount of effort on the part of the citizenry a judge can be voted out of office, recalled or a petition to remove enacted. Something to think about when thinking about democracy, independence, fairness, and all that garbage about justice!

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