Friday, June 24, 2016

Racheal Drobnick YOU ARE FIRED!!!

For all of you suffering parents that have had your children taken away because of the lies and criminal behavior of Racheal Drobnick you can CELEBRATE today!!  Drobnick is no longer working at Berks Children and Youth Services she was FIRED!!  Many of the families I have been working with had Drobnick as a common denominator in their cases.  She made up lies, she intercepted US mail, she broke into homes, she left children in abusive foster homes, she lied on the stand, she lied to judges, she lied to attorneys...I would recommend anyone that is not given their children back to file a lawsuit/appeal in your case due to the evidence the Drobnick was misleading everyone she could to keep your babies and have them adopted out.  Drobnick isn't the only criminal caseworker in Berks CYS and more heads will be rolling as the investigation continues.  All families that have been destroyed for no legit reason please contact Senator Judy Schwenk and Senator Dave Argall and tell them your stories.  It is easy to do through their websites.  Schwenks office has reahed out to me, attorneys and other parents that have emailed her.  PLEASE do this we want all these caseworkers, GAL's, attorneys, doctors and judges investigated.

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