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Tony and Danille BCCYS Kidjacked Their Daughter

Dismantling Our Families For Profit
There has been an outcry all over the nation regarding the corruption in our court system.  Many are experiencing misguided justice in Pennsylvania including here in Berks County.  On May 4, 2015 Cynthia Cruz, a Berks County social worker plead guilty to fraud for stealing $97,000 over a four year period by way of Medicaid Claims.  In February of 2008 the "Kids for Cash" scandal began to explode as two judges, Mark Ciaverella and Michael Conahan from Luzerne County, were caught taking $2.6 million in kickbacks from Robert Mericle, a juvenile facility builder, in return for sending children to his for-profit facilities.  These cases are just a peak into the window of the potential for fraud and misuse of money provided to states and counties in Public Welfare, family courts and Children and Youth Services.  Each state has cash incentives for this process through government funding.  Your tax dollars.   There is no set dollar amount.  If any of the 67 counties do not have enough funds they can access more funds at any time and have the necessary reimbursements made to the state.  Information on Title IV-E and other funding in the United States as well as the chart below can be reviewed through research done by Child Welfare: An Overview of Federal Programs and Their Current Funding:
Title 1V-E Program
FY20 12
FY20 15
Foster Care
Adoption Assistance
Kinship Guardianship Assistance

There are also incentives for adoption which are outlined on the American Adoptions site quoting dollar amounts as high as $13,190 per child in tax credits.  There is an open checkbook which is leading to the destruction of Americas core, the family.
These funds are used when Berks County Children and Youth Services (BCCYS)remove a child from their home and file a dependency petition to hold that child in their custody.  Parents Tony and Danielle are experiencing the various ways that monies provided for the protection of children can be distorted.  Instead of helping families this money is dismantling them in a tangled mismanaged system. 
In a minute your life can drastically change.  That is exactly what happened to Tony, Danielle and their daughter, Breanna.  In December of 2013 they were involved in a serious car accident close to their Exeter home.  Danielle suffered a broken neck and was taken to University of PA in Philadelphia.  Tony experienced head trauma with a broken sternum and ribs.  Their daughter, Breanna, who was nine years old had only minor seat belt burns.  A downhill spiral left them with no transportation, the loss of their home, most of their belongings, financial issues and coping with recovery from their injuries.  They temporarily rented a motel room in Douglassville and started searching for a home in the city.  An accident can be tragic for any family but it became a living nightmare in March of 2014 when two Amity police officers appeared at their motel room.  The parents were taken into custody for what the officer told them was for an outstanding parking ticket and a truancy fine.   Tony found it suspicious that Officer Ken Moyer had not only showed up at their motel room for a traffic ticket but had called Nicole Robinson from BCCYS to come to the motel room as well.  It was at this time BCCYS took custody of Breanna without a warrant or a court order.  The caseworker did not let Tony or Danielle  call any family or friends to come and get Breanna.  Danielle, still suffering with a broken neck was shackled and her and Tony were held in jail cells. They were released after 3 hours when there was proof Tony was making payments on the parking fine and the truancy fine had been paid.  When they returned home reality hit.  Their daughter was gone. 
The reason for the removal of their child was not abuse, was not abandonment, was not drugs or criminal activity.  BCCYS documents state the child was removed from her family because she was without proper care or control.  Breanna was completely healthy and unharmed and in no "imminent danger."   Recent school absences were due to the injuries her parents suffered in the accident and the location of where they were residing in Douglassville.  Their car was totaled in the accident and there were no funds to purchase another one.  They were not living in Breanna's school district and there was no bus service or means of transportation for them to use at the time.    
Determined to get their lives back on track and reclaim their daughter they moved into a home in the city so they had access to cabs and busses.  At this point BCCYS had already set up a safety plan listing things they had to do in order to reunite with their child.  These demands included evaluations, drug testing, parent coaching, therapists, and court dates.  Documents show Tony and Danielle have completed what was asked of them but the county has extended the procedures long enough to approach the 15 month time line when they can proceed to terminate the rights of the parents and adopt their child out to a foster family. 
The court date to terminate their parental rights is scheduled for July 7, 2015 at 9:30am.  Tony and Danielle have been through 8 months of forced urine tests at a cost of $20 each all of which were drug free and are still ongoing.  Other parents forced to give samples are given vouchers by the agency but when asked to provide the same to Tony said the agency refused.  They participate in parenting classes and therapy appointments which are all part of the safety plan requirements.  During Tony's testimony at one of the court hearings he said that Juvenile Court Master, Narcy Hughes, told him she didn't want to hear about the accident, which is the root of reason behind their case.
During my investigation I spoke to Amity Officer Ken Moyer about the night Breanna was taken from her parents.  He responded to my questions vaguely and said he did not remember the incident or any of the names involved.  Just 2 hours after my communication with Officer Moyer, caseworker Rachael Drobnick sent Tony an email stating that BCCYS had received a report of physical abuse and that both Tony and Danielle were cited as predators. 
Tony and Danielle swear no abuse of any kind was ever inflicted on their children.  BCCYS has no proof of those claims and the parents feel it is just a tactic to reach the 15 month goal of termination of parental rights.  The parents have reviewed documents that show those accusations involve the step son and his biological father, not Tony.  Tony did ask that the mistakes be corrected but the social worker responded that they were just typos and not to worry about them.  He states that BCCYS decided to up the ante and create false accusations or not clarify the information they have which is promoting the adoption of their child over reunification. 
This can happen to any family once involved with Children and Youth Services.  BCCYS may keep adding accusations and changing the direction of a case which can begin to wear parents down.  Tony says the process takes its toll emotionally, mentally and when possible, financially .  Often parents feel they have nobody to turn too.  They don't trust the lawyers, judges, social workers, therapists or anyone because even though they are doing everything they are asked to do to get their child back they learn they are being overpowered.  The Judge may refuse to listen to testimony from parents and appear to be deciding the case solely on the testimony and paperwork submitted by the social workers and all the court contracted lawyers, therapists and doctors to reach the final goal of dismantling the family.  Social workers are granted immunity allowing them the ability to be less than truthful and not be held accountable for misinformation.  Before parents actually grasp what is happening they learn their parental rights are being terminated and their child is being adopted out.  Few families have been able to stop this abuse of power by BCCYS.  There is no transparency.  Nobody is overseeing this corruption. 
I contacted President Judge Paul Yatron with my concerns and he informed me that he has no control over the actions of BCCYS.  He clarified that the commissioners run the agency and are in charge of complaints.  I left several messages for the commissioners not one of the three in office returned my calls.  I left a message with the district attorney's office and with Berks County detectives no calls were returned as of printing.
I did receive a call from interim Executive Director of BCCYS, Carl Geffken.  I explained my concerns in this case.  There was no court order or warrant when the child was taken.  The child was healthy and not in imminent danger.  There is proof that an acting court appointed attorney in this case took money from the parents.  There is also proof that US mail sent to Breanna was intercepted by the caseworker.  I gave details as to the caseworker entering the parents residence when they were not there and rummaged through their belongings giving their things away and destroying family heirlooms by throwing them in a dumpster.  I also told him of my conversation with Officer Moyer and that within two hours BCCYS informed the parents they received a complaint of abuse against them.  I made it clear that all of my concerns are criminal and the parents deserve justice.  At press time he had still not called me back with his findings. 
The other aspect of this is the child.  She was placed with strangers miles away from her school, friends and family.  All the letters and cards sent by her family and friends were seized by the county worker or the foster family leaving the child to feel abandoned and unloved.  The child was forced into counseling where Tony feels she has been groomed to believe her parents are bad people and have forgotten about her.  She is likely hearing this over and over from a counselor until she believes it.  The parents feel this is mental abuse inflicted by the county and the foster family in their joint efforts to make the child angry toward them and not want to return home.  They feel this group of contracted agencies force parent alienation to strengthen the path to adoption. 
Any child can be taken as long as the county has "findings" for removal and these are very vague as described in the Child Welfare Information Gateway and the PA Code to Child Protective Services .  Tony and Danielle's case began as truancy issues according to documents but the appointed and or contracted judges, lawyers, therapists, doctors and social workers involved in the case have prolonged reunification by keeping the child in placement.  This allows the county to continue to receive funding for her and all the contracted workers on her case to get paid and retain job security.  The more children in the "system" the more money.   
Tony and Danielle feel the courts have not only abused their civil rights but they have more than overstepped in intruding on their parental rights.  They have had two court appointed attorneys, Susan Scullin acting as guardian ad litem for Breanna, and Gregory Ghenn as their attorney.  Documents show Attorney Ghenn asked them for and accepted money from them while he was being paid by the county.  Ghenn returned the money when Tony questioned Ghenn's motives.   Tony states that BCCYS social worker, Rachel Drobnick, is often late to their appointments sometimes as long as 45 minutes.  He says she then has an appalling attitude towards them.  "She has never shown any compassion or interest in seeing to it that we would get our daughter back." At one visit to their home Tony claims she even gloated by calling them bad parents and making it clear they would never get their daughter back.  I spoke to the parent coach Shaundia Tabb and she told me that the paperwork she was given by BCCYS has errors that need to be fixed and she was going to talk to Rachel and have those corrections made.  We discussed how the abuse details did not involve Tony and Danielle but the step son and his bio dad. 
 Tony has paid Alan Zeigler, Esquire to take over their case.  After meeting with him he told them that the county was compiling unpleasant paperwork against them and he wanted an "outside" evaluation.  I spoke to Ziegler and he told me that social worker, Rachael, was also nasty with him when he reached out to her for information.  The lawyer also confirmed that all the letters and cards the parents had sent to Breanna were intercepted by the social worker and he actually saw them in the file and questioned why they were intercepted.  He asked if she had even read them to Breanna.  Rachael told him that she did not read them to the child because of references regarding BCCYS.  He has filed discovery to get copies of those letters and other evidence in the case.  Zeigler has fought battles with BCCYS before and is well aware of how far they will go in some cases.  He has gone outside of the contracted therapists to get the parents a fair evaluation.  The parents have already completed an evaluation with Dr. Small which I have reviewed and there is nothing in the report that would suggest these parents should not have their child.  A Concern therapist,  single handedly decided that Tony and Danielle would no longer be permitted visitation with their daughter because the visits she claims are detrimental to the child.  The money wheel keeps turning.  The clock is ticking. 
Meanwhile, Breanna remains in a foster home in Hereford Township and is being denied visits with her parents.  Tony and Danielle wonder about the county handling the delicate mental care and counseling  of their child.  They are concerned about the longtime scars she may suffer that could have a lifetime effect as she struggles to figure out why she can no longer see her parents and thinking they have stopped trying to get her home.  Tony and Danielle are fighting a stressful battle of their own without their daughter.  They were grief-stricken when they had to miss  Christmas with her.  They also never missed a birthday until this year when Breanna turned 11 years old.  Danielle is devastated that she was denied spending Mother's Day with her daughter and through her tears knows that Breanna was heartbroken as well.
While Tony and Danielle wait for the next hearing date they are facing an uphill fight to get their daughter home where she belongs.  Will Attorney Ziegler be the answer and end this nightmare by stopping BCCYS from giving their child away?  Will Gregory Ghenn be held accountable for taking money from desperate parents who want their child back while also being paid as an appointed attorney.  Will Narcy Hughes have to explain why she would not acknowledge testimony from the parents in her courtroom choosing instead to side with BCCYS when testimony may prove the child should be returned?  Will Nicole Robison and Rachel Drobnick be fired or convicted for their roles in removing the child unlawfully?  For intercepting US Mail?  For destruction of personal property?  For using misguided false accusations to retain her, and holding her hostage in the system?  Will the therapists and doctors involved lose their right to practice because they played a part in conspiring to force adoption of this child with no merit?  Will all the players be found guilty of racketeering which is defined as "a service that is offered to solve a problem that really does not exist?"  Simply put it is when an agency like BCCYS proclaims to solve the problems of neglected and abused children when in fact they are the bigger cause of the problem.  This information is sealed and often gag orders put in place to support their agenda and keep collecting money for the cause.  While their threats and claims of protection are supported by their government shield, Tony and Danielle consider it to be extortion. 
With more and more information being uncovered and shared by the media on the deception within the court system parents like Tony and Danielle are hoping for more transparency and oversight when it comes to children and families.   Nobody is immune or protected from this happening to them and quickly can be facing just how cruel and unforgiving the justice system can be.  They have since realized these agencies have no boundaries.  There are few attorneys who will risk retaliation from their peers by confronting the corruption in government funded child trafficking via children and youth agencies and our court system. 
Update a hearing on the Discovery was held June 22, 2015 and the case folder and cards/letters intercepted illegally by Racheal Drobnick were turned over to Atty Ziegler.  Zeigler refused to turn the folder and cards over to Tony and Danille.  Attorney Konrad Jazyna will be taking over the case.  Racheal Drobnick sent the parents an email that she is scheduling a hearing to have Breanna moved to yet another foster home instead of letting her come home to her parents.

Berks County Children and Youth again Abusing Families

Please read the following story where once again Berks County Children and Youth Services seperated a parent and child.  Cesar needs to be reunited with family not in foster care where he is at risk of not receiving the proper treatment.  Time is crucial in getting this child back home.  Once again funds from taxpayer dollars being used to abuse power.  Money could be spent on supplying a nurse and keeping this child with his MOM!  Caseworker Adrian Peeples  Court Appointed Attorney David Maynard and Attorney Mark Freeman who has already won a case against this same Hershey doctor will be handling the case.

Jessica and Ceasars Story
Pennsylvania mother Jessica Battiato is frustrated with a doctor and a system that refuses to look for the medical cause of her baby’s condition, instead placing the blame on the parents. Since her son Cesar, now 5 months old, was taken by child protective services 2 months ago, her son has been diagnosed with rickets and hypotonia by a radiology expert. However, CPS seized custody of Cesar in April, based on accusations by Penn State child abuse specialist, Dr. Kathryn Crowell, that Cesar’s injuries could only be caused by abuse.                                               
 Dr. Crowell has been accused of falsely testifying against parents before. In a 2009 case she accused a parent of child abuse which led to a father spending over a year in jail. A jury later found him not guilty.                     
Jessica wants answers for her baby, and she wants her baby back home, not in a foster home.                                
“My son needs medical attention. He doesn’t need to be neglected by the state. They are delaying him in his care.”  Continue reading :

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Berks Independent Gazette

I have recently taken a position with the Berks County Independent Gazette and will be writing about the corruption in the Children and Youth Services agencies.  If you want to share your story I want to hear it.  The first issue comes out in June and will have a featured Berks case.  Please pick up your FREE copy at participating businesses.  True reporting for Berks County residents that the Reading Eagle has not covered.

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Protecting a Newborn from Kidnapping at Hospital

This is the notice that is to protect all newborn babies from being kidnapped from a hospital.  Utilize it in your living will when going into hospital or before admission.  Roxanne Gringe wrote this about the protection.
Very important that you have a federal lawsuit (civil rights weakest) - strongest nature of action: personal injury cause of action Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization Legal Malpractice (fraud billing) 18 U.S.C. Fraud of Identification Documents and related information; Dept of justice claim for damages form 95 personal injuries disability or wrongful death caused by employee(s) of federally funded agency and the claim form served on the agency or the federal lawsuit suit complaint served on defendant(s) who committed perjury to cause the State Court to malpractice Municipal, State and Federal Statutes. 

Another preventative administrative step we took was to pay for and order our old Child Abuse Clearances - a Modus Operandi of intentional DHS employees to summarily defraud state Child Abuse Registries so that they can falsely justify their violating Family Preservation Policies of Federal Funding paying for the Children's protective services delegated through the state agencies. The case worker employee makes the false allegation of child abuse to a state database so every relative who would be a choice for preserving family is ruled out and the dishonest state employee receives the financial incentive bonus to pocket into their own pockets at least $6,000 if they can say the child has to be placed with a DHS foster contractor and then of course after no contact and administrative errors no accountability the behavioral health bonding evaluator contractor invariably says too much time as passed and the child is better off adopted out would be traumatized if returned to their real family who was kept busy jumping through hoops of family service plans that amass even more falsified or negligent perjurious reports to the Court who now has no idea of what the evidence is in the best interest of any divorce custody child support or incarceration matter.

You want to create a paper and data disc or flash drive easily transmittal notice with your back up for support. You want to have at least original signed paper sets for handing out at the hospital and keeping one on you at all times to show local law enforcement who DHS employee might invoke to enforce an unlawful act. You want to inform the local law enforcement officer who remember is also a working class person wanting to do their job but also having their own moral set of principals and not necessarily wishing t cause any harm, that the agency employee is restrained from touching or transporting any member of your family or yourself because of the agencies' prior malpractice and injuries causes documented in these federal actions. You want to tell the local law enforcement official that the agency nor it's employees have jurisdiction that jurisdiction rests in federal court and you are a Federal Crime Witness Claimant in the process of recovering damages for the harms this agency has already caused. 

You want to politely inform the local law enforcement who might assist a DHS employee in transporting your newborn or arresting anyone in the family that county or ity which employees them in addition to that particular officer can be sued for their personal assets as well as for the actions in violating USC 18 242 Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law.

The responsible but assertive pre-planned organized preventive steps turned out to be the administrative solution for rescuing now 16 months old Grayson my grandson from assuredly planned DHS retaliation kidnap of our newborn in the hospital and for stopping further illegal detainers, unlawful imprisonments of protective grandmother and mother and the proof of attempted murder of grandmother on March 8, 2010 at City of Philadelphia jail when I tried to save my grandbabies Ezekiel Zadkiel Brown and Arriyel Roxanne Brown from Fern Brown Caplan's taking bribes to Senior Judge Robert J. Matthews needing to cover up his colleagues felonies which resulted in the Philadelphia Family Court being abused to issue Child Abuse orders that caused my grandchildren to be 06/08/10 PKPA mob assault with baseball bats, guns and beatings to be housed with a convicted rapist sheldon holloway and irreparably injured living in squalor conditions while the ignorant thug mob assault fugitives enjoy the coverage given to them by the corruption in Philadelphia Family Court and Mayor's Nutter's legacy of nepotism corruption.

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Childline Records

If you or your children have been reported or accused of child abuse or a victim you should get your Childline records.
You can call 717-783-1964
or send a certified request for records to: I included an example letter.
Terri Warner
Quality Assurance for the Commonwealth of PA
Department of Public Welfare
Hillcrest Building 2nd Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Dear Ms. Warner It was brought to my attention that there were calls made (or that there was a report made) regarding myself, my children from city,PA between (give date report was made or a date span when it was made). Since I never received a standard letter regarding any report, nor was I notified that any investigation was being conducted on (name) I don't believe a report was made/or..I want a copy of a report that was made. I would like for you to review your records and verify if there is a report. I would appreciate your response as so as possible. You can also add since this involves a current court matter or children and youth services refuses to release information, or I am being denied employment...whatever your situation. Thank you
Your name
phone number

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Title IV B Part 1 Funding-Permanancy Plans- Child Support Calculator

Dept of Welfare Site: Title IV-B Part 1 funds for child welfare services are distributed to all 67 County Children and Youth Agencies based on the number of children served in each county. The county agencies fund child welfare services that are within the state-specified guidelines. The state guidelines direct the county agencies to use these funds for in-home services, (excluding child protective services and general protective services), community-based and institutional services (excluding secure facilities) that are not funded with Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), Medicaid or Title IV-E funds. (from Department of Welfare site) Permanency Plans for Youth in Care in Pennsylvania from the Juvenille Law Center What kinds of permanency plans are there? This is an example of what they are and or should be. 1. Return to Parents—Reunification The first goal of juvenile court is to reunify each family. The county children and youth agency should provide your family with all the services you need so that you can safely return home. Such services could include: help getting appropriate housing; counseling for the parent, family, or child; parenting classes; and mental health or drug and alcohol treatment. People’s situations change over time. A parent who was not able to take care of you when you were younger may have gotten himself or herself together and may now be able to care for you. Reunification is always an option if it will provide you with a safe and nurturing place to live and meet your needs.You should be informed of what needs to happen within your family before you can return. You should ask your caseworker or lawyer if you do not know. If the plan is reunification, you should be visiting with your parents frequently, usually more than every other week. Sometimes, however, reunification is not a possible option. This is often because it is not safe for you to return home to your family. 2. Adoption If the rights of your parents have been terminated, you can be adopted. When a court terminates your biological parents’ rights, it means they no longer have a right to see you, nor do they have an obligation to provide you with any support. When you are adopted, your case with the county child welfare agency is closed and you are discharged to a family who will raise you and provide for you. Your adoptive parents have all the rights of a parent who gave birth to you. Your adoptive parents can let you see your biological parents and relatives if they want to. If you want to be adopted, but also want to keep in touch with your biological family, talk about this with your caseworker, adoptive family, and the judge at court so you can make arrangements that will make this continuing contact possible, but also respect your adoptive family. You can be adopted by a family member or by someone you are not related to. Sometimes teenagers think they are too old to be adopted. This is not true. You can be adopted at any age, even after you turn 18. If you are 12 years of age or older, you have to give consent to be adopted for the adoption to be finalized. If you want to be adopted, let your caseworker, lawyer, and the judge know so that efforts can be made to find an adoptive family for you. You may have said you did not want to be adopted when you were younger. As you get older, you may change your mind. It is okay to change your mind—just let everyone know what you want. When you are adopted, your adoptive family can receive financial help to help take care of you. This is called an adoption subsidy. It can last until you are 18 years old. When you are adopted, you can also receive Medical Assistance. If you are adopted at age 16 or older, you are eligible for Independent Living services, including the Foster Care Independence Act Education and Training Grant (ETG). 3. Permanent Legal Custodianship—Subsidized and Unsubsidized A permanent legal custodian (PLC) is someone who agrees to care for you and assume legal and physical custody of you until you become an adult. The PLC can be a foster parent, relative, or another person approved by the county child welfare agency. In this case, you would be discharged from the system to the PLC. The rights of your biological parents do not need to be terminated for custodianship to be granted. In most cases, a visitation plan with your parents can be agreed to when custodianship is awarded. f the PLC meets the qualifications for financial help, the PLC will receive a subsidy to help take care of you. The qualifications to be a PLC are similar to those for licensed foster parents. The subsidy will continue until you are age 18. You will not have a caseworker and will not go to court after permanent legal custodianship has been given to that person. 4. Placement with Relatives Placement with a fit and willing relative is another permanency plan. Often this is referred to as kinship care. If the kinship care provider meets all the same licensing requirements as a foster care provider, they can receive financial help to take care of you. If your relative is receiving kinship care payments, your case will stay open and you will continue to go to court. Your case can stay open until age 21 if you are in a program of instruction—such as school, college, or training—or are in treatment. 5. Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement (APPLA) with a Permanency Resource If the plan for you is to live on your own when you leave care at age 18 or after, APPLA may be your permanency goal. If this is your permanency plan, you should be receiving independent living instruction in the following areas: Budgeting Household management and maintenance Job readiness Job search skills Educational support (completion of high school and entrance into post-secondary education or training programs) Finding housing Assessing community resources Obtaining health care Independent living services can also include mentoring, particularly for those youth who do not have supportive relatives in their life. You should also be receiving services to help you find people with which you can establish a consistent and supportive relationship. This can mean finally finding an adoptive home or a kinship care placement. It could also mean establishing a relationship with a mentor who is committed to being involved in your life. Preparing for adulthood and living on your own should go hand-in-hand with establishing supportive, family-like relationships that will continue as you become an adult. You can stay in substitute care until age 21 if you are in a program of treatment or instruction. You should be discharged or emancipated only when you are able to live on your own and support yourself financially. Youth should never be discharged to homelessness. Permanency is… Lifelong relationships that extend beyond foster care Unconditional love and acceptance Someone to spend holidays with Someone who checks up on you “just because” Someone to walk you down the aisle when you get married Having a place to call home Someone who is there for you no matter what mistakes you make A safety net of love and support Child Support calculator