Monday, November 23, 2009

Pending Teacher Strike

Conrad Weiser teachers are threatening a strike if they do not get a contract soon.  They have been working without a contract since July 1st and claim that the school board is not bargaining in good faith.  Can we really afford a pay raise for teachers?  I didn't get one.  My parents on social security didn't get one.  My son at UPS didn't get one.  I am sorry but as much as I appreciate the job teachers do, we simply cannot afford higher school taxes so that they can get a raise and health benefits.  It is not only seniors being school taxed out of their homes it is a good percent of lower and middle class people as well.  Teachers do need a contract but reasonable would be status quo.  If they strike it could mean no holiday breaks or a June 30th school year.  Not to mention the costs involved for the school to fight them.  If there was a good time to attend school board meetings, this is it.  With all of us struggling and having to find a way to cope why should teachers be any different?  We are all in this together and right now in these tough times it is not fair to ask for more from Conrad Weiser residents.  What do you think? 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Spirit of Christmas Trail

The Spirit of Christmas Trail begins Friday December 4th and continues December 5th and 6th 10am to 5pm each day.  This is a perfect opportunity to visit local shoppes and see all the creative displays and Christmas decor.  There will be free food, entertainment and raffles.  There is something special going on in every shoppe.  Don't miss it!  Get your ticket at any of the participating shoppes for a mere $5.00.  Have it validated in every shoppe on your shopping trip and get your shopping done early.  Your ticket also entitles you to $5.00 off a $30 purchase in each store and the chance to win one of 10 prizes.  Surely you can find something for everyone on your list among these participating stores:
A Wrinkle in Time
Randler's Garden Center & Gift Shop
Bountiful Harvest
Lor's Candy Station
The Salt Box
Vicymarie's Custom Jewelry & Boutique
Healthy Paws
Robesonia Tools
1700 Historic Collectibles Shop
Don't for get those pets.  On Saturdays in December (5-12-19) from 10 am to 3pm Healthy Paws will be holding their annual Pet Pictures with Santa.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Robesonia Police Force

Tonight Robesonia is going to decide on merging it's police force with Wernersville. It would make more sense and be smarter cost wise to merge with Heidelberg Township which Supervisors DP Randler and Randy Yoh agree with and are willing to discuss. If we merge with Wernersville be aware that you will no longer be able to go to our local police office with concerns. Bigger is not always better. In this case it is not what is best for our small town (in my opinion). Randy Gartner would like to see the Heidelberg merger over Wernersville and as our new mayor beginning in January he has other ideas that make sense for Robesonia. Once again we have a boro council (the worst in history) that are more interested in power grabbing than doing what is in the best interests of the town. Please call your council members and voice your concerns about this decision. Even to ask for more time to see the projected costs and clearer details of the arrangement. Here are numbers to call:
Pres-Harvey Marshall 610-693-5688
V Pres-Joyce Phillips 610-693-3474 (she does not want to be contacted at home).
Bob Pierce- 610-693-6866
Abby Wertz 610-693-6182
Vernon Bright 610-693-5366
Jeff Gerhart 610-693-5391
Randy Gartner 610-693-6244
Mayor Frank Schnee 610-693-5457
Boro Hall 610-693-3474

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Traffic Light Womelsdorf

Almost got creamed today at the Boyer's, CVS traffic light. Who in their "right mind" would change the light function? Womelsdorf Boro Council? Why? Now traffic is coming at you when the light turns green. No more light green you go with no oncoming traffic. I didn't know they changed it and it was nearly a head on crash for me. Beware all. I think this should be changed back! This is surely going to be the site of serious accidents. Isn't that why it was changed? Deadly and serious accidents.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Robesonia Businesses

We have a variety of good businesses here in town. It is worth your time to visit these businesses and spend your money locally. Most of the business owners also live here and depend on our support to do what they do. We have a variety of restaurants, bars and sandwich shops. { Ozgood's, Heidelberg, Twinch, Tony's, Johnny & Hons, Falco's } We have a candy store and a coffee shop. {Lori's & Luke's} There are numerous gift shops that sell home decor-jewelry, clothing, food, candles, gifts for men, Primitive, modern, country, seasonal, outside, landscape, fireplaces, statuary, yard tools, furniture. {Randler's, Vickymarie's, Victoria's, Bountiful Harvest, Salt Box, A Wrinkle in Time} We have stores that sell used clothing, baby items, furniture and houswares. {Goodwill & Now & Then} We have garages and used car businesses. {West Side Auto, Eiceman's, West Penn, Hoover's, GT Auto, Favinger's } We have a pet store. {Healthy Paws} We have a store selling and renting new and used mobility equipment, vehicles and health supplies. {Mobility Express} We have an assisted living home that encourages independance with the assistance of staff. {Golden Ridge} We have computer sales and service. {JAG Computer Services} There are many hair salons. (Desiree's, Rosa's, IXL, Hoffa's, Reigel's, Villa } The are many contractors that offer landscaping, building, repair, concrete, remodeling. (Dennis Rick Contracting, Randler's, Holt's, Seisinger, Dennis Unger } We have our very own sign shop that can make you anything from banners, yard signs, business signs, vehicle lettering and more. {Quality Awning and Signs} If I missed your business I am sorry please add it in the comments. That's a lot of business for a small town...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wernersville prison

Well as I wrote about in the November Our Robesonia they are housing criminals in Wernersville. A newly released prisoner just finished 90 days at the country facility and proceeded to break into homes in Exeter. 4 houses they know of more they suspect. Yes we are lucky he moved out of this area to commit his crimes but the next one could commit any number of offenses right here close to home. I am shocked people are not talking more about this. Over half of the phone calls and emails I received on the subject people were unaware of what was going on on the State Hospital grounds. Wake up my neighbors they are housing, trying to rehab crooks, rapists, abusers...What do you know about or want to share on this subject?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Flu ailment help and Chat

Seems everyone I talk to their children have some version of a sickness going around. Some are far from pretty and a lot of them are down right scary with all the Swine Flu death reports. Some parents have been told to not come to the Doctor for fear of spreading flu while parents panic as they watch very sick kids suffer and are scared about just how serious it may be. If your child has been sick add your experience to the comments on this blog. What you did to ease theie symptoms and what advice your Doctor gave you. What symptoms your child had and if it was diagnosed as the H1N1. Maybe just sharing the experience will help get you through or help another parent going through it.

Goodwill in Robesonia

Medical Mobility Equipment Donation Centre
The proud non-profit** business of
Medical and Mobility Equipment, LLC
Is that power chair…lift chair…scooter…stairlift…walker… accessible van…ramp…collecting dust? Someone could really get use out of it!

If you have any new, old or unused durable medical equipment in your possession, we'd like to refurbish it, recycle it, and place it in the hands of someone who needs it. Everyday we find those in need of durable medical equipment, but are unable to afford it.
Every donated item goes through a strict regimented list of superior standards to guarantee the client is getting a totally refurbished “like new” piece of equipment. We offer this equipment at a minimal cost that covers the expenses to help operate this facet of the company. Our staff is trained to make sure the refurbished equipment is:
· medically safe and sanitary
· attractive and up-to-date
· extremely affordable
· 90 day parts warranty
We actually de-stress the giver who feels responsible for selling a piece of equipment that may breakdown or need work.
Medical Mobility Equipment Donation Centre of American Medical and Mobility is turning this all around. Your donated durable medical equipment will directly benefit someone in need. Our business hours are the designated drop off times for the equipment. We ask that please, nothing be left outside our facility. For your convenience, there are many instances where we would be happy to pick the equipment up at your home or facility. Please call for arrangements. We also un-install stairlifts, all of course at no cost to you!
**On an important note, it is crucial we operate this business as a non- profit company. Since this is a non-profit organization, your donation is tax-deductable and thus a financial benefit. We look forward to hearing from you.
~John D. Rockefeller Jr.

Our Business Plan!

Let’s keep it simple.

We will accept staring immediately any DME piece except toilet seats and Bedpans.
We will provide a 90 day parts warrantee.
Each piece of equipment will go back to Harley and Jarod Initially. Collaberatively Mike, Jarod, and Harley will make a decision on price after these are factored in to retail price.
Year of piece
Wear and tear of piece
Parts and cost needed to refurbish
Labor involved to redo/sterilize/make like new!!

There will be a serial # given to each piece of equipment, displayed somewhere prominently on the unit.

Crime in Robesonia

Keep your eyes open and feel free to share what you feel may be suspicious. DP Randler and Healthy Paws were both broken into this year. Election signs were destroyed from Church St to Elm St. Maybe you saw something that could solve the "who did it" mysteries. Healthy Paws was most likely broken into by kids because of the items taken. A CD player, change, ceramic toilet that was used to hold pennies. Maybe you have seen the items. Cars were scratched on Meadow Ave. Let's get the talking started and maybe just maybe our own crime watch and alertness can help police solve crimes and catch who commits them.

The begining

I wanted all my local readers and neighbors to have a place to go and share things of interest and concern in our area. After writing the Our Robesonia for almost 6 years I realize I can do more to bring us all together. This is it. A place to come and share your feelings about events, people and the area. A place to share crimes you witness or suspicious activity in the area. Please check in on my blog daily to see what is going on or happened around you that you may not know but need to. Add your comments. You can always get me at Let's make this work as another tool to take care of each other by being informed. Good or bad we all need to know what our leaders, police, kids and nieghbors are doing if it can open doors to helping each other or stopping crmminal behavior. So, welcome to my blog.