Thursday, November 5, 2009

The begining

I wanted all my local readers and neighbors to have a place to go and share things of interest and concern in our area. After writing the Our Robesonia for almost 6 years I realize I can do more to bring us all together. This is it. A place to come and share your feelings about events, people and the area. A place to share crimes you witness or suspicious activity in the area. Please check in on my blog daily to see what is going on or happened around you that you may not know but need to. Add your comments. You can always get me at Let's make this work as another tool to take care of each other by being informed. Good or bad we all need to know what our leaders, police, kids and nieghbors are doing if it can open doors to helping each other or stopping crmminal behavior. So, welcome to my blog.


  1. Does anyone know what the rule/law is about barking dogs? I have a neighbor that seems to think it is acceptable to put their dog outside in a fenced in area and have them bark and bark and bark and bark. It's not allowing me to enjoy my own back yard.

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  3. I have a copy of the ordinance if you want one. It is Section 22B part 2. A dog cannot bark continuously for ten minutesor intermittently for 30 minutes in the boro. It is a $300 fine. For more info talk to Lisa at the boro hall 610-693-3474 or call the local police.