Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crime in Robesonia

Keep your eyes open and feel free to share what you feel may be suspicious. DP Randler and Healthy Paws were both broken into this year. Election signs were destroyed from Church St to Elm St. Maybe you saw something that could solve the "who did it" mysteries. Healthy Paws was most likely broken into by kids because of the items taken. A CD player, change, ceramic toilet that was used to hold pennies. Maybe you have seen the items. Cars were scratched on Meadow Ave. Let's get the talking started and maybe just maybe our own crime watch and alertness can help police solve crimes and catch who commits them.


  1. the toilet stolen from Healthy Paws was a toilet coffee mug with Urine Off wrotten on it. Have you seen it?

  2. The Borough sure is changing isn't it...
    Some of these kids living in it need a good stiff @ss kicking by their parents. My parents would have had they known damage I was causing. Wake up America...we need to take our great country back.