Sunday, November 8, 2009

Robesonia Businesses

We have a variety of good businesses here in town. It is worth your time to visit these businesses and spend your money locally. Most of the business owners also live here and depend on our support to do what they do. We have a variety of restaurants, bars and sandwich shops. { Ozgood's, Heidelberg, Twinch, Tony's, Johnny & Hons, Falco's } We have a candy store and a coffee shop. {Lori's & Luke's} There are numerous gift shops that sell home decor-jewelry, clothing, food, candles, gifts for men, Primitive, modern, country, seasonal, outside, landscape, fireplaces, statuary, yard tools, furniture. {Randler's, Vickymarie's, Victoria's, Bountiful Harvest, Salt Box, A Wrinkle in Time} We have stores that sell used clothing, baby items, furniture and houswares. {Goodwill & Now & Then} We have garages and used car businesses. {West Side Auto, Eiceman's, West Penn, Hoover's, GT Auto, Favinger's } We have a pet store. {Healthy Paws} We have a store selling and renting new and used mobility equipment, vehicles and health supplies. {Mobility Express} We have an assisted living home that encourages independance with the assistance of staff. {Golden Ridge} We have computer sales and service. {JAG Computer Services} There are many hair salons. (Desiree's, Rosa's, IXL, Hoffa's, Reigel's, Villa } The are many contractors that offer landscaping, building, repair, concrete, remodeling. (Dennis Rick Contracting, Randler's, Holt's, Seisinger, Dennis Unger } We have our very own sign shop that can make you anything from banners, yard signs, business signs, vehicle lettering and more. {Quality Awning and Signs} If I missed your business I am sorry please add it in the comments. That's a lot of business for a small town...

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