Monday, December 21, 2009

Make the next election work for America!

These are some of the changes we want to hear and have implemented from the next presidential candidates and those seeking offices that influence the changes needed to get this country back on the right track.

Make Congress pay into the Social Security, Welfare, & Healthcare systems.  Maybe if it was their money they'd be more interested in fixing the flaws and controlling the costs and benefits.

There needs to be a limit on how long anyone can hold a political position.  This would end the "old boys" networks from their unfair and mostly corrupt grouping.  A change of ideas every 4 years is a good thing.  There has to be a way to get people into these positions that really want to make the neccessary changes and not just collect a paycheck.  If you do get voted in and we are unhappy with what you are doing we should be able to show up in numbers and have you ousted.

Stop illegal immigration period.  If we would have kept our borders secured we could have illiminated 85% of the problems our country is facing today.  It's time to STOP the politically correct bull and get people elected into positions that want these mostly usless, lazy, crmminal, bloodsuckers to be returned to their homelands.  Only allow them visiting rights with the strictest of rules to come in and get out.  We are at the point in most cities that the drain these immigrants are costing just isn't worth the few that make something of theirselves. 

Being born here does not make you an automatic citizen that is allowed to start bellying up to the free handout wagon.  No more aid of any kind.  The money we pay into these programs belongs to Americans who fall on bad times.  If you can't afford to come here, stay home. We are drained from feeding you, paying for your housing, medical, and clothing.  You are overcrowing our prisons because you steal from us and only know your crimminal lifestyle.  You have shown us you prefer your corrupt lifestyle.

Stop allowing those elected to vote for their own raises and crack down on expense allowances.  Only an elected official would allow the corruption going on amongst their own.  How does this bizzare crap get passed?  We the people want the high paychecks stoppped and reasonable caps put on these people who just run amock with our money.  We want to start seeing where it goes, what we're getting for it, and who the biggest thieves are so we can get them OUT!  Some of the expenses just released are more than I make in a year of working.  These people are part-timers.

Stop the bailouts.  You fail you fail.  I guarantee if I fail it will be up to me to figure out how I'm going to make it.  What I need to do to fix it and what I did wrong that caused it.  Problem with society today is no matter how hard I work people in higher positions have the right to spend/take my money through taxes.  I can be forced into failure due to all of their mishandling of their jobs.  How is that fair.  There needs to be limits set on how much other people can spend of what we work for.  If your company crashes because you over pay employees or overspend your budget why is that my problem?

Stop the paychecks when your term is over.  Again, who gets paid forever on a job that you did for 4 years and a 100% pension?  I highley doubt anyone reading this will collect a full pension for a job well done for 10 years let alone 4.  What makes them worth more than us?  We work to pay for their luxeries.  And lately very few are working for us.  The man in charge has convinced me he hates Americans, this country, and is set on spending us into a no recovery position before we oust his butt.  When we get him out, fix all his mistakes, secure our borders, stop the sytems fraud gaps, and have all his cronies replaced this country will recover and most likley at a rate they may surprise us.  The blue collar hard working people will be 100% back on track and in support of a government that is working for us and our beliefs.  This doesn't have to be a dream, we have to make it happen and electing the right people is the way we will do it.

English is the language here.  If you can't speak it LEARN it.  No more provisions that make it easier for you to live here and not live by our standards.  Americans don't go to your homelands and demand you speak English, pay for their healthcare, feed them, pay for their housing and live by their religous beliefs.  Don't do it here. 

There needs to be a system in place that stops the fraud of the welfare and social security systems.  In New York there was a plan on the table by Rudy (crushed by those politically correct jerks) that crossed checked through fingerprints and social security numbers.  This is a no brainer and should be in full operation NOW!  Do you know how much fraud this would eliminate.  No SS#, no fingerprints, no collecting!  Throw the picture driver's licensein the mix and operation crackdown becomes a part of what we do here in America. 
I have neighbors around me collecting in New York then coming to Reading and collecting here.  Why are they getting away with it?  No one checks.  They live here weekends and live in New York during the week.  They keep their New York phone numbers and hide out in Berks County enjoying the money we feed the system.  Some of these people are collecting thousands of dollars in aid while they enjoy home ownership, new cars, and a well stocked frig and freezer. 

War.  Sorry who this may offend but, what the hell are we doing in other countries fighting their battles that really should be none of our business.   If our borders were secure terrorists couldn't get in here and they could take out all their rock throwing, bomb making, aggression out on each other.  All the money wasted on fighting this war we are in now is just wrong.  Rebuliding cities we destroy, spending millions of dollars in other counties and still gas is over $2.50 a gallon.  All the lives lost, families destroyed, and we are still no where with these idiots.  What is the point?  United States needs to start worrying about the United States.  Concentrate on our people, our security, our babies, our senior citizens, our jobs, our health and our well being. 

Please feel free to comment, good or bad.  I am not publishing this as part of any political party.  I am not being prejudice or heartless.  I am worried about this nation and the direction this president and congress are steering us toward.  We must start a revolution if we are going to fill the positions opening up with people who truly believe in standing up for America as we know it and want it to be.  Congress has got to change so we can stop the out of control spending a bad decisions that are being passed into laws we will all be forced to live by.  If you think you don't make a difference, you are wrong!  Everybody needs to work together and vote for those who can help get us back on the right road to a FREE America.  Trust me this group running the show is slowly but surely going to eliminate our freedoms. 

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  1. Just received this:
    Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:
    "Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States."