Friday, December 4, 2009

Property Taxes/Cox Town Hall Meeting

It is hard to find anyone these days that isn't disgusted about property taxes and they showed up December 3rd at Tulpehocken to tell Jim Cox how bad it is.  I admire Marsha Barth, owner of Stouchsburg Nursery for giving some real numbers.  I have been a loyal customer of the nursery and I'm aware of how much money is robbed from us but she really put it out there.  She stated that they are a 20 year old family business that used to employ 12 people.  Now they are down to 5 employees 3 of which are family.  She said they must sell $150,000 worth of merchandise just to pay the property taxes and health insurance.  WHAT?  Yeah, how ridiculous is that?  Does it make the picture clearer as to why there are no businesses, no jobs?  She also stated they work 60-70 hours aweek to pay for people who DON'T WORK!  We all know who they are.  Cox attacked Rendell and the Democrats for spending $10.7 billion on public welfare (the problem).  Cox also agrees that we must start cutting the over paid administrators in our schools.  The fact is that these $100,000 a year jerks are part of the problem facing all of us struggling out here to survive.  What can you, we do?  School board meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month in the high school library.  The December 17th meeting will begin at 6:30pm.  We need to start holding our school board responsible for wasting money on high price individuals that can be replaced with those who will work for a resonable salary in these desperate times.  We need to cut staff and teachers need to accept they have to contribute to their health care and retirement and that they may not get a raise every year.  We are all struggling and most of us involved in this fight to stop the drain on our income are working damn hard right now just to hold onto what we have worked so hard for so many years to own.  I know a few good people in this community that have good ideas to change the way the "good old boys" have been running this rodeo and I think it's about time we start electing them into positions where they can help us!

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