Sunday, January 31, 2010

Healthy Diet & Exercise vs Fast food and Lazy

I have always eaten a healthy diet and I am in the gym everyday.  I passed these habits onto my sons and they seem to understand the healthy diet stuff but somewhere along the way have come to believe big mucsles and weight loss can come from a bottle.  A billion dollar a year industry has conned so many people into believing there is a shortcut around eating healthy and exercising.  It is just not true.  Have people lost weight on these pills and programs?  Yes.  Have they kept it off?  Very few.  The fast food industry has really wrecked the health of countless people in the US.  Last year a study was done to prove just how BAD this stuff is.  A healthy man proved this by eating McDonalds food 3 times a day for 30 days and gave up his normal exercise routine.  His weight went from 185.5 to 210lbs.  His cholesterol went from 163-230.  His body fat from 11-18.  He became fatigued, had headaches and felt just plain crappy until the end of the study.  His liver was struggling to function.  He reversed the damage of just 30 days by detoxing with a healthy diet and exercise.  It took 8 weeks for his blood test to return to the starting numbers and 5 months to lose the 24.5lbs he gained.  Now imagine most of obese America who have made this restaurant a regular dining place and have been and will continue to do so.  There are only 7 items on the McD's menu with no sugar.  They are french fries, sausage, hash browns, coffee, ice tea and chicken nuggets.  You can barely find chicken in those nuggets.  They are 98% chemicals a over processed garbage.  Even the salads have sugar.  A premium chicken salad has 51 grams of fat which is more than a Bic Macat 24 grams.  Imagine eating this crap daily and most people have Supersized their order.  That supersized drink alone can contain up to 18 tablespoons of sugar.  Gross!  We rarely have drank soda at our house but a lot of our friends and family drink cases or dozens of liters a week.  Why am I fat and feel like shit?  The fat content in a Happy meal can be 41 grams 11 of which are saturated.  Don't feed this garbage to your kids.  As a parent I took my boys to outdoor playgrounds and never visited the McDonalds play pens.  They are a business and they have marketed it very well but their food can destroy your health.  Lots of fat, lots of carbs, lots of sugar, your body doesn't stand a chance!  Do you know in 2004 Congress passed the "Cheeseburger Bill" making it illegal to sue fast food companies for obesity?  Where is that government that is suppose to protect us?  Out to lunch eating organic, low calorie, low sugar, low fat, healthy food.  Bet ya!  Some schools are getting in on the healthy ways to eat and incorporating more exercise as mandatory.  Kids don't need soda machines in school.  But because of some very bad habits their parents have they do need an education on diet and exercise.  Here is the link to "Supersize Me" everyone should watch it.  This should be shown in schools & homes nationwide.  Enjoy and share.

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