Thursday, September 30, 2010

Comments from Connie Keller on Boro Grant Money

Hi, Vickie!
Your newsletter is certainly going to be missed. It has been entertaining fodder many times with our Friday "lunch bunch." I would like to comment on your Community Grant Issue article in the Sept. paper. Quote: Communication lines between council and the committee got BLURRED? From Jan. until June of this year? HELLO? I'm in my 11th year on the Womelsdorf council (I'm a glutton for punishment).
At each and every meeting, committee chairmen are asked to give a report. Forgive me if I have the figures wrong......$174,000 GRANT and no one asked, "what's happening with the grant monies?" Shame on you guys, and you too, Mr. Randler, I know you're at every meeting! Council members SHOULD be footing the bill if they left something that huge slip through their fingers. I've known Mr. Rohrbach since 1959, so I know where he stands on money issues. COME ON! Someone wasn't paying attention! Where was the rest of her committee? We're only human, and we all make mistakes. Let's see how many more anxiously step up to the plate to fill Ms. Phillips' position when it's empty! It's a thankless job!
Good luck in your writing endeavors.
Connie Keller-Sheffy

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Disrespect Stops Annonymous Postings

Due to a few people showing disrespect and rudeness toward local business owners and myself I will no longer accept anonymous postings.  I am amazed how little most people know about this town and the people that live here.  They are surely in the dark about me and the more successful people who live and work here.  Some claim to be newcomers.  (FYI, I receive the identity of everyone who posts on my blog)  I refuse to allow their contempt to play out on this blog.  I am sorry to say I know these people and cannot believe the nasty personalities they have or have developed.  Is it jealousy?  For many yes.  Is it misconstrued information?  Absolutely!  Whatever their issues may be I will not allow them to use this site as a means to stomping on those that have worked for improvement and positive change for Robesonia.  It is a disgrace to pick on a child because of your own issues.  You really need to stop separating Fry Manor from Robesonia.  How does one become so closed minded or redirected into thinking Robesonia 19551 is not my home town because I grew up in Fry Manor?  That flawed way of thinking only comes from one small flock of people.  If you really want to share your distorted points of view I think everyone should know who you are not just me and those I tell.  My guess is all cowards will stay in their closets and continue to feed off of each other.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Criminals Strike Again!

Flower pots were knocked over again at the East end of Robesonia.  It is thought to have happened after the football game.  Did you see anyone do this?  Please report it to the local police if you did.  We need to stop this senseless behavior!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Loser destroys property in Robesonia

What possess anyone to destroy the American flag and lighting at a memorial wall?  I was appalled to hear that while I was away some loser or losers had nothing better to do than walk around town abusing things that don't belong to them.  The hard work that was put into the park and the time the Boyscouts took to place all the flags on Penn Ave. didn't matter to the creeps who did the damage.  Is it that they hate America?  Are they retards that need to be locked up?  Are they kidz with no parental supervision?  If you know who did this damage or any damage in town please contact the police, the boro hall, or post it on here.  I have dealt with losers in this town before and at that time boro officials refuse to meet with them so they could speak of what they knew without public acknowledgement.   According to the Reading Eagle the boro secretary is now aware of the retaliation concerns for many residents.  She deals first hand with complaints and issues that affect the town and unlike some council members understands anonymous is sometimes the only way to get people who have the info to come forward.  Maybe if the council president would have offered residents the same open door when they requested it last year more people would be willing to talk.  2 of those long time Robesonia families moved away because of the property destruction and criminal activity they were experiencing.  I felt forced to print their concerns for the awareness and was disappointed when those in charge wiggled their way out of granting a meeting or even a phone call to address their concerns.  I surely hope that door is open and ignorance on the back burner.  What does it matter where the information is coming from when the goal is to get the information.  I do believe that line of communication has opened and that if you know something about a crime occurring it is your obligation to report it.  Find a way to get the information to the right people even if you must do it anonymously.  The boro has stepped up and is even offering a $200 reward for info that leads to catching the crimminals.

Back in Robesonia

Sorry I have been out of touch and the blog was shut down for a tad.  I could not accept mail or send mail out.  I am back now and I am happy to say I got a real good start on book # 2.  I met my agents demands and got out of town at the same time.  I have learned an awful lot about the publishing industry.  With my talanted and gracious agent I feel more confident than ever that I will not only meet the deadlines for these books but that I will be re-signed in March.  I will try and update as time allows but plan on going into seclusion up to and until I have completed this book.  In April I will reevaluate my position and decide weather or not to bring the Our Robesonia out of retirement.  Because the newsletter was a huge contribution to my being contracted as an author I will start printing it again if there is any way possible.  Feel free to keep me updated with issues and concerns and I will get them out there through this blog and my Our Robesonia website.  Thanks for all of the support and keep the comments coming.  I have one page full and I'll keep adding what you send in the final October issue.  .