Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back in Robesonia

Sorry I have been out of touch and the blog was shut down for a tad.  I could not accept mail or send mail out.  I am back now and I am happy to say I got a real good start on book # 2.  I met my agents demands and got out of town at the same time.  I have learned an awful lot about the publishing industry.  With my talanted and gracious agent I feel more confident than ever that I will not only meet the deadlines for these books but that I will be re-signed in March.  I will try and update as time allows but plan on going into seclusion up to and until I have completed this book.  In April I will reevaluate my position and decide weather or not to bring the Our Robesonia out of retirement.  Because the newsletter was a huge contribution to my being contracted as an author I will start printing it again if there is any way possible.  Feel free to keep me updated with issues and concerns and I will get them out there through this blog and my Our Robesonia website.  Thanks for all of the support and keep the comments coming.  I have one page full and I'll keep adding what you send in the final October issue.  .

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