Thursday, September 30, 2010

Comments from Connie Keller on Boro Grant Money

Hi, Vickie!
Your newsletter is certainly going to be missed. It has been entertaining fodder many times with our Friday "lunch bunch." I would like to comment on your Community Grant Issue article in the Sept. paper. Quote: Communication lines between council and the committee got BLURRED? From Jan. until June of this year? HELLO? I'm in my 11th year on the Womelsdorf council (I'm a glutton for punishment).
At each and every meeting, committee chairmen are asked to give a report. Forgive me if I have the figures wrong......$174,000 GRANT and no one asked, "what's happening with the grant monies?" Shame on you guys, and you too, Mr. Randler, I know you're at every meeting! Council members SHOULD be footing the bill if they left something that huge slip through their fingers. I've known Mr. Rohrbach since 1959, so I know where he stands on money issues. COME ON! Someone wasn't paying attention! Where was the rest of her committee? We're only human, and we all make mistakes. Let's see how many more anxiously step up to the plate to fill Ms. Phillips' position when it's empty! It's a thankless job!
Good luck in your writing endeavors.
Connie Keller-Sheffy

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