Saturday, September 11, 2010

Loser destroys property in Robesonia

What possess anyone to destroy the American flag and lighting at a memorial wall?  I was appalled to hear that while I was away some loser or losers had nothing better to do than walk around town abusing things that don't belong to them.  The hard work that was put into the park and the time the Boyscouts took to place all the flags on Penn Ave. didn't matter to the creeps who did the damage.  Is it that they hate America?  Are they retards that need to be locked up?  Are they kidz with no parental supervision?  If you know who did this damage or any damage in town please contact the police, the boro hall, or post it on here.  I have dealt with losers in this town before and at that time boro officials refuse to meet with them so they could speak of what they knew without public acknowledgement.   According to the Reading Eagle the boro secretary is now aware of the retaliation concerns for many residents.  She deals first hand with complaints and issues that affect the town and unlike some council members understands anonymous is sometimes the only way to get people who have the info to come forward.  Maybe if the council president would have offered residents the same open door when they requested it last year more people would be willing to talk.  2 of those long time Robesonia families moved away because of the property destruction and criminal activity they were experiencing.  I felt forced to print their concerns for the awareness and was disappointed when those in charge wiggled their way out of granting a meeting or even a phone call to address their concerns.  I surely hope that door is open and ignorance on the back burner.  What does it matter where the information is coming from when the goal is to get the information.  I do believe that line of communication has opened and that if you know something about a crime occurring it is your obligation to report it.  Find a way to get the information to the right people even if you must do it anonymously.  The boro has stepped up and is even offering a $200 reward for info that leads to catching the crimminals.

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