Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have been somewhat out of touch because of many events happening around me.  My writing keeps me busy but then there are also the other distractions that come into play.  Martin Appliance made a service call to fix a leak to my ice maker which ended up flooding my entire basement and kitchen causing $10,000 worth of damages.  What a mess!  The saddest part is Martin Appliance wouldn't stand behind their serviceman's mistake and the damage he caused to my home.  My homeowners insurance through Erie covered everything but I remember when Martin Appliance was a small business and always stood behind their products and would never have denied a customer of 32 years the right to full compensation for damages they cause.  Now that they have several stores they no longer care about loyal customers.  How sad for them!  Then my son, Ian. was burnt in a fire on November 13th and I spent a lot of time at the Lehigh Valley Burn Center and caring for him when he came home.  I have learned a bunch from the experience and now know I am capable of more than I once thought of my squeamish self.  Ian is almost healed.  He should be released from the burn center on December 13th and then start scar creams to help with the tightness and appearance of his scars. 
I miss seeing everybody and socializing and for the life of me wonder how I had time.  The less there is of what I used to do the more those gaps are filled with what I have to do now.  I am still working to keep the Our Robesonia going even though it is only online you can still get a good amount of information about what is going on from the smaller version.  Thanks to my dear friend and website master, John, of JAG Computers for continuing to post it and keep the website going. The website is a perfect and inexpensive place to post a local ad or event.  Plenty of hits are still calculating daily to the site.
I have read that the borough has managed to hold our tax rate.  Yipee for that break.  I haven't been to a meeting since stopping the hard copy of the Our Robesonia so I only get the information that is printed in the Reading Eagle.  I will work harder to get more inside information and pass it on to you.
I am concerned at the growing police log.  The criminals are coming to the suburbs and it seems we have our share of idiots in the area.  Please do your part and report anything out of the ordinary to the local police.  The more eyes that are watching the less chance they have in succeeding to take over our town.
My last suggestion is to remind you all to support our local businesses.  It has not been an easy road to travel for most of them and they deserve whatever support we can give them.  I have to admit that as of late I haven't been out and about contributing but when I do go out I buy local and make sure my dollars stay here in the area.  We have some of the best small businesses around and there is no doubt you will get much better service at a small business than any big box store that does not care about loyal customers.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year I hope it is a safe and healthy time for you all.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas in the Village

December 3-4-5
Christmas in the Village
“Giving Back to the Community”
Instead of charging you for a ticket this year each store will donate a percentage of their sales from this three day event to a local charity! To encourage the community to participate in this event the shops will be offering a Grand Prize of $1000.00 in Gifts donated by each shop, PLUS Gift Certificates donated by the local restaurants. The Village Shops will also be offering Free Food & Drink, Santa will be here, Store Specials, Live Music and Lots of Fun for our Community!! So Get Out There & Help Our Community by Shopping for Christmas with US!!! 
See you there!