Friday, February 18, 2011

Wernersville Corresction Facility continues to cost us MONEY!!!

Reading Eagle
Two people were treated in Reading Hospital after their vehicle, which was being chased by police, crashed and rolled onto its roof in Wernersville, authorities said Wednesday.
The driver, Joseph Stokes, 28, was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, fleeing police, recklessly endangering another person, driving with a suspended license and related offenses, according to South Heidelberg Township police.
Stokes, an inmate at Wernersville Community Correctional Center in South Heidelberg, was on a permitted release when the crash occurred, police said.
Stokes was committed to Berks County Prison in lieu of $10,000 bail after arraignment before District Judge David E. Glass in Reading Central Court. Stokes also was held on a parole violation.
Stokes and his passenger, Latisha Brown, 29, York Haven, York County, were treated in the hospital for unspecified injuries, officials said.
Investigators gave this account:
A South Heidelberg police officer tried to stop Stokes' vehicle for a traffic violation Tuesday night about 6:30 on Wernersville Boulevard.
Stokes pulled over, but when the police cruiser stopped, he drove away and continued north on Wernersville Boulevard.
Stokes's vehicle hit a curb and rolled about four blocks away near West Lincoln Drive. The vehicle landed on its roof.
Stokes ran into nearby woods, where he was arrested a few minutes later.
Brown was pulled from the wreckage by firefighters and paramedics.

Wake up neighbors...
You have paid for our police to deal with this crap the ambulance and hospital bills to treat the creep.  No driver license no insurance?  What is he out driving around for?  This place needs to be closed down.  It is costing this area thousands of dollars weekly to maintain.  Our tax dollars.  For what to encourage more crime?

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