Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Randler Offers Free Services to Boro

At the boro meeting on March 7th, 2011, Dave Randler offered to fill all the flower pots in the town of Robesonia for FREE.  The Beautification Committee, no longer under the control of Joyce Phillips, has an option to use a local business-the same business Phillips denied the opportunity to purchase the pots from-and decorate the town at no charge.  Will they accept?  Now under the leadership of Mike Kocher, there is a chance to put the problems of the past behind us and give Randler the job.  I haven't heard of anyone else making the same FOR FREE offer.  This is not the first time and it won't be the last that Randler has donated to our community.  It shows a strong sense of integrity belonging to Randler, and just how wrong Phillips and her committee were when they denied local businesses to be part of the Beautification process.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Boro Stuff

We are getting a Veterinarian at the Randler Complex.
Have you noticed all the extra part time employees the borough is using? Did you know that they let go full time street worker Greg Fink informing him that his job was being eliminated? Imagine firing Fink after writing about what a wonderful job he did during winter clean-up. Greg was hired to be the streets supervisor and then behind the scene deals had him quickly replaced by Garry Degler. Wonder if Greg will now be replaced by Garry’s son Andy or maybe the president of council has somebody from his family in mind for the job? Now one position is eliminated and several part time people are on the payroll. Depending on how the borough handles the replacement of Fink another law suit maybe on the horizon. The boro is also cutting secretary Dana's hours.
Wonder when the holiday banners will come down? Maybe the concept wasn’t thought out when it comes to paying people to sustain “the look” that we were all hoping for. Maintaining all the new ideas are proving to be more difficult than those that created them can handle.
I was also a bit stumped by the story reported in the boro newsletter. I am puzzled that the boro allowed this kind of staging in their publication when council voted to have my newsletter removed from the boro hall because I wasn’t naming names to protect residents. But then I did hear that the author retained an attorney and forced the boro to print her story. Seems more than a little suspicious that some mysterious businessman is slipping a council member money at a private meeting in a private section of an unknown restaurant. This man thinks everyone involved in going against this council woman was wrong and he has only taken pity on her. Pardon me for being doubtful but sounds like a tale that may help the wounded heal but really distorts the true facts of what occurred. I welcome this peculiar businessman to call me and explain how every council person, an attorney, and all but a few residents were wrong in their thinking and decisions. I doubt that I will ever hear from a ghost. As a businessman buying local should be a priority and being charged thousands of dollars because of a staff error should be unacceptable. Can’t imagine what kind of business he runs or ran. Is it unethical for a past committee member and sitting council person to accept cash from an unknown donor in a closed door meeting for a committee she was kicked off of?
* To read the Joyce Phillps tale you can pick-up a copy of the newsletter at the boro hall.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Over 55 Community

Jack Keener has changed his mind in building townhomes for low income families to building an over 55 community off of Smokering Drive here in Robesonia.  Although this eases the dumping of more kids in the school district it will help very little with the traffic problems in our small town.  If Keener has to build a community I am pleased that he chose an over 55 one.  It is said it will be private and the streets will not be dedicated.  More to come as I learn it.

200 more Prisoners on the way to Wernersville

With little input from the public 200 more violent crimminals who are not elegible for parole are on their way to the Wernersville Correction Center.  What does this mean to those of us that live here.  More of our police time and tax dollars going to aid creeps.  Before long Wernersvill will be home to a prison bigger than Berks County Prison and planted in our back yard.