Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Prosecuting Social Workers

For those stuck in the nightmare of Children and Youth Services we all share the frustration of dealing with lying social workers.  I still want to see the Schuylkill County social worker that lied in my case prosecuted for her criminal acts, threats and intentions.  Here is proof that they can and will be prosecuted if you can prove how they have lied in your case.  Honestly 5 years is not enough for this woman considering all the lives her outright lying affected.  In my case the social worker actually brought in her own choice of attorney to threaten my foster daughter that if the girl would go on the stand that day in court and testify against the family that sexually, physically abused and tortured her and her 3 siblings that the girl could go to jail.  Can you believe this crap.  And to boot to date she has gotten away with causing the fiasco and delaying prosecution of this nasty family of abusers.  This happened in a court house where the District Attorney and State Trooper who were prosecuting the case were present.  Who allows this flat out misconduct by a social worker trying to cover her own ass for allowing the children to remain in a house being horrifically abused under her care for 4 years?  The girl immediately called the state trooper upon arriving home and told him she did want to testify but was afraid this social worker would have her jailed just to shut her up.  I have just learned the charges were refiled and the trial is set for December 2013.  Only after a delay in June of 2013 because Schuylkill County CYS was told that they had to produce all of the records from the case.  Well you know their response "confidentiality."  The same excuse they use to hide how they change facts and lie.  Well the judge in this case was not having their crap this time around and demanded the records be handed over.  I can just see the witch now working day and night to change, destroy, white out, and add to the records to cover her tracks. 
When she learned that the girl was having conversations with the state trooper she told myself and the child she could no longer talk to the state trooper, the DA or her siblings.  Guess she didn't want them discussing the case behind her deceitful back.  She didn't however take her away from her therapist who along with my family was backing the girl in prosecuting the abusers and getting some kind of justice for the hell she lived through because of this social worker and KidsPeace who were also involved in this case through the abuse.  The therapist proceeded to contact the state trooper, guardian ad litem (who never even met the girl all the years he was to be protecting her) and made it clear that the girl was going for justice.  When the social worker got wind of this plan she contacted KidsPeace.  I received a call on February 28th at 2:40pm that the girls KidsPeace social worker was coming to remove the girl from our care by 4pm.  Kidspeace took the girl crying hysterically.  They were well aware we were the first safe home this child has ever had.  We had excellent reviews and had just went through a placement hearing where we learned our adoption of the girl could be completed by July 2013.  The abuse and mental anguish I witnessed at the hands of KidsPeace and Schuylkill County CYS was worse than most kids experience in a lifetime and for what?  To cover their butts they had to get her away from people who were helping her and love her.  They removed her without a court order or justifiable reason to throw her in a group home and threaten her about talking.  Once again seclude, threaten and never let the children bond so they can continue to hold them hostage in the system.  We also need more social workers who leave their jobs to speak out about what really goes on in these agencies.  Here is a link to those who speak up
My next blog I will do a day in court.

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