Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Child being ABUSED by Father and Law Enforcement
A much see to grasp just one of mant occurances daily right here in the great USA,  It needs to STOP!
Father was arrested 3 times for domestic abuse this one being for attepted strangulation.
Vickie Correll-Rick's photo.  Vickie Correll-Rick's photo.
These pictures were taken of the boy and one of the reasons mother said she left Florida with her children and moved to Johnstown, PA.  She has family and support here.
This is a debate  that I started by forcing this video to go viral.  Lot's of opinions and insight.  I am posting it because I do believe there was a better way to handle this whole situation by #1 using a third party (neighbors and or lawyers) to handle the drop off.  #2 preparation for the visit should have started days before by talking about it, packing for it, and being matter of fact about it.  The boys is eight and may have been beaten and witnessed a lot of distress and violence between his parents.  Of course he is not going to want to leave mom.  But because family courts intrude on our lives when we can't figure it out on our own we have to obey court orders.  Like em or not.  I believe this situation unfolded faster and in a way that nobody present was expecting.  Dad had no right to restrain or hit the child nor did the police need to aid and participate in that abuse.  The child should have been left to go and be comforted by mom and while talking calmly involved the father in a comforting way.  Most children of this age will settle down and if both parents seem OK with the situation they will do what is expected of them.  In a perfect world in which in which we do not live.  Many divorce/custody cases get heated and very ugly.  In the moment it is so hard to act responsibly but when children are in the mix and witnessing your behavior you have to act in their best interest first.  At no time did the mother hit her child.  She was being held back from comforting him and she made it very clear that it was being recorded and that she was going to share the information.  I am appalled that law enforcement officers, I counted 3, stood by and actually participated in the abuse of this child (children).  My guess is they were friends of the fathers and were prepared to be prejudice.  My objection in this whole thing was and is the safety of the children.  They are helpless and the trauma and lifetime scars inflicted on innocent children are something I will never stop fighting for and talking about.  It is a mission as a mother and a foster mother I take seriously.  I will be a part of the solution until I am no longer breathing.

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