Monday, February 17, 2014

Progress being made in our Fight for Justice Against Children and Youth Services

Jan 13th Ruling may open doors to take legal action We also have gotten the attention of reporter Louis Jasikoff of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Independent Gazette. Lou has taken on a task he soon realized is much bigger than first thought. The abuses being committed by the courts and Children and Youth Services is unbelievable and definitely criminal. He has been interviewing victims and those who want to see change and prosecution come to those in this corrupt system that destroys children's lives and families. Here is a link to that radio show and you can listen and call in on Saturdays 7-8 am 94.3 FM (570) 815-7423 We have sent letters to the Department of Justice you can also by using this form letter and add what you want send to: SUBJECT; PROJECT SAFE CHILDHOOD In consideration of the mission statement of Project Safe Childhood, ‘a strategy also provides the first ever comprehensive threat assessment of the dangers facing children’ with the list of known internet exploitation. We ask, you to consider, the first ever demand by the public to include the threats to children within the programs of child protection and family law division of the Justice system. In the last several years, the increase in children placed within the system has shown the abundance of children vulnerable to exploitation by those given legal power to place a child into foster homes, foster care, adoption, and youth facilities. We have seen increase in the arrests of child welfare workers and specialists from child abuse charges, drug use, gang affiliations, parental rape with foster and adoption parents charged with murder and child abuse. We have seen the decline in morally upstanding legal representations and Judicial actions in family law courtrooms and have made a mockery of our legal system. Children are used as pawns in the court room by either party, either lawyer, Guardian Ad litem, Judges, Dependency courts ruled by Child welfare agencies without due process, and children suffering as a result. The federal standard of ‘best interest of the children’ is rarely upheld within the years of dissolution and custody hearings. Economically unsound, families are placed closer to the poverty line and children with lost future security in college careers. We are asking the department of Justice to remain firm in their effort to protect American children and consider vast changes in the way our government cares for abused children, adopts children and the programs that fund the state agencies. We are asking the Department of Justice to remain firm to their effort to protect American children from legal exploitation for financial gain. This is the civil rights call for this time in history. Studies have found a child is more likely to incur abuse in state care than in their homes. The case examples are numerous on the failure of the states and federal government to protect the rights and safety of the children which are legally removed from homes and held captive from caring relatives and extended families. Never before, has our nation seen the violence against children as great as those who are in the family law system. Never before, have families faced such great dangers when seeking to divorce. Children are killed, neglected and often held captive by the rulings of Judges, mediators, court appointed therapists, legal representation, guardian ad litem, and many with little training in the domestic conflicts arising within homes across America. Entire childhoods are spent with endless hearings on visitation and custody. Parents are held captive by legal compliance. We ask you, the leaders of the Project Safe childhood, and Attorney General Eric Holder, confirm this commitment to the American people, and announce, review and reform of the structure of federally funded child welfare and foster care nationwide. We call for the Department of Justice to stand with parents and children nationwide and announce a investigation, review and reform of the family law division of the justice system that is failing American values, families, and children. Stand with the families, strengthen American families, and in doing so, you will strengthen the nation. I have attached my case. Please review it and appreciate how the corruption in these agencies and our courts are destroying families and most importantly the security of our children. Respectfully, Vickie Correll-Rick 610-693-9722 Operation CPS reform and Family Law reform. Sent to John Stossel @ John Attached is a story about another out right misjustice, ignoring Constitutional Rights, Bill of Rights and abuse of children at the hands of Schuylkill County Children and Youth Services and KidsPeace. Please take the time to read it or have someone on your staff read it. These children are still stuck in this system and still being controlled by the same caseworker that overseen their abuse and holds them hostage. Thank you Contact me anytime for more information Vickie Correll-Rick 610-693-9722 Sent to Governor Tom Corbett @ The Honorable Tom Corbett 301 5th Avenue, Room 240 Pittsburgh, PA 15222 February 16, 2014 Dear Governor Corbett, Many laws have been introduced as a result of the PA Task Force recommendations and some have reached the desk of our Governor for approval. The proposed laws seem to have a powerful impact, but they are missing the mark when it comes to protecting our children from abuse. The key to having a system that truly protects children is to address the failure of our justice system and agencies whose primary function is to provide protection for our children and families. The Department of Health and Human Services, Children and Youth Service agencies, those contracted to provide services to families and children, judges, lawyers, GAL’s, counselors, and custody evaluators are involved in corruption, fraud, racketeering, and crimes against families and children. Failure to address these serious issues, as well as a lack of accountability, provides no relief for the victims of this out-of-control system that has emotionally and financially devastated our families. Pennsylvania legal institutions such as the family courts and professional institutions such as the state bar and psychology boards, as well as the criminal justice institution have combined forces to form an enterprise that is unethical, illegal, and intolerable. We are a group of Pennsylvania citizens who are dedicated to improving and reforming the current system of family law and child protection. The Sandusky case, the Kids for Cash scandal, the arrest and conviction of judges, clergy, GAL’s and social workers should be a wake up call to those we trust to oversee and provide protection for Pennsylvania citizens through the actions of legislative committees. There is a complete failure of our State and Federal lawmakers to address the immoral and corrupt actions of government entities in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States of America. Our families and our children are being destroyed by the actions of the Department of Health and Human Services (the source of federal funding disbursements), Child Protection Service agencies and contracted service providers, and the court system that renders devastating decisions against our families and our children. As citizens of Pennsylvania we have a moral and legal duty to report child abuse. Reporting abusive acts perpetrated against our children has devastating and long-lasting consequences as we are forced to deal with corrupt and unethical agencies, forced to be evaluated by corrupt psychologists, forced to hand over our children as they scream in anguish, forced to accept a “friendship” with the perpetrator through reunification services, and then forced by court order to shut up about child abuse. The worst devastation for a reporting parent and the abused child occurs when we are forced, by court order, to hand our children over to the person who raped, sodomized, threatened, and intimidated them. If we object to these horrible consequences, the perpetrators are “awarded” custody of our children. The current system of child protection is a tragedy. The current system is destroying families. The current system is encouraging the abuse and exploitation of our children. Federal funding initiatives and prolonged litigation provide financial incentives for judges, lawyers, GAL’s, service providers, and custody evaluators. The system is flaunting control, ignoring the laws, and profiting financially as we lose our children, our families, our life savings, homes, and stability. The laws do not protect citizens from the endless intrusion of government entities wielding unlimited power with no accountability. We have contacted our State Representatives, Senators, Congressmen, and those appointed to committees to enact change. We have contacted the Attorney General, the Inspector General, and the Judicial Conduct Board. We have encountered a cycle of passing the buck without sincere measures to correct this ongoing crisis for families and children. These are the members of the executive branch of our government who claim to have no jurisdiction when complaints are filed: “The Attorney General, Auditor General, and State Treasurer, all of whom are elected to administer agencies independent of the Governor, are also executive-branch officials. The Lieutenant Governor, an elected official, and the appointed members of the Governor's cabinet constitute the rest of the executive branch of government. Cabinet members manage the operations of state government agencies and provide their expertise as advisers to the Governor. The executive branch of Pennsylvania government, consisting of both elected and appointed officials, is headed by the Governor, who holds the state's highest office. Citizens look to the Governor as a leader who will set the agenda for state government, see that current problems are dealt with effectively and that plans for the future are put into place.” We are asking you, Governor Corbett, to effectively challenge and investigate the ongoing crisis we are suffering at the hands of out-of-control government agencies and corrupt courts. We are willing to provide documented evidence of the failure to protect our children and the horrible outcomes of the family court system. We ask for your intervention and action to investigate and remedy the abuse of power by government agencies and the family court system. "When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property." - Thomas Jefferson Respectively, Vickie Correll-Rick 610-693-9722 I have attached the case. Please read it and appreciate that their is documented proof of the abuse of the children and the abuse of power by these agencies. We are in the process of gathering what we need to file a class action suit. What we really need is a fearless lawyer. If you know of one contact me asap.