Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why Your Child May be Taken by Children and Youth Services...Show 3 aired 3/22/2014 In this episode I talked about all the ways your child may be taken by children and youth services. Divorce-an angry spouse accuses you of harming or neglecting the child or abusing drugs or alcohol. Angry Neighbor-Because of noise or where you park your car they may call in and make false reports about what they have seen you do to or with your child. Truancy-Big issue in PA many kids are being taken and put in foster care because of not attending school. Illness-I have heard too many cases of late where a single mother fell ill and the child was taken and put into foster care instead of a relatives care. Or as we just experienced the Pellitiers who lost their daughter to the care of the state because her parents didn't agree with her medical care. You could also walk into a Dr office or emergency with a perfectly innocent fall of your child's or illness and CYS is there to snag your child before you have a chance to even guess what is going on. Next show will be on how far some caseworkers will go to save their jobs and ruin your life. Emotionally and financially. Tune in Monday 3/24/2014 at 12 noon

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