Saturday, April 26, 2014

Childline Records

If you or your children have been reported or accused of child abuse or a victim you should get your Childline records.
You can call 717-783-1964
or send a certified request for records to: I included an example letter.
Terri Warner
Quality Assurance for the Commonwealth of PA
Department of Public Welfare
Hillcrest Building 2nd Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Dear Ms. Warner It was brought to my attention that there were calls made (or that there was a report made) regarding myself, my children from city,PA between (give date report was made or a date span when it was made). Since I never received a standard letter regarding any report, nor was I notified that any investigation was being conducted on (name) I don't believe a report was made/or..I want a copy of a report that was made. I would like for you to review your records and verify if there is a report. I would appreciate your response as so as possible. You can also add since this involves a current court matter or children and youth services refuses to release information, or I am being denied employment...whatever your situation. Thank you
Your name
phone number

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