Saturday, June 27, 2015

Berks County Children and Youth again Abusing Families

Please read the following story where once again Berks County Children and Youth Services seperated a parent and child.  Cesar needs to be reunited with family not in foster care where he is at risk of not receiving the proper treatment.  Time is crucial in getting this child back home.  Once again funds from taxpayer dollars being used to abuse power.  Money could be spent on supplying a nurse and keeping this child with his MOM!  Caseworker Adrian Peeples  Court Appointed Attorney David Maynard and Attorney Mark Freeman who has already won a case against this same Hershey doctor will be handling the case.

Jessica and Ceasars Story
Pennsylvania mother Jessica Battiato is frustrated with a doctor and a system that refuses to look for the medical cause of her baby’s condition, instead placing the blame on the parents. Since her son Cesar, now 5 months old, was taken by child protective services 2 months ago, her son has been diagnosed with rickets and hypotonia by a radiology expert. However, CPS seized custody of Cesar in April, based on accusations by Penn State child abuse specialist, Dr. Kathryn Crowell, that Cesar’s injuries could only be caused by abuse.                                               
 Dr. Crowell has been accused of falsely testifying against parents before. In a 2009 case she accused a parent of child abuse which led to a father spending over a year in jail. A jury later found him not guilty.                     
Jessica wants answers for her baby, and she wants her baby back home, not in a foster home.                                
“My son needs medical attention. He doesn’t need to be neglected by the state. They are delaying him in his care.”  Continue reading :

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