Tuesday, October 13, 2015

2007-2015 The Mission Continues to Steal Children

Read this article from 2007.  Trying to make the public believe they are helping families and children.  The reason the are and should be in so much danger is because they are illegally taking your children with the help of law enforcement.  The long running money making scam of kidjacking kids to get them in the system, drug them, counsel them, harass their parents, and eventually adopt them to strangers has only gotten worse.  In the year of 2015 quotas can reach as high as 50+ children per month taken and held captive in the system.  Counties and states have to match or meet such numbers in order to continue to collect government wrap around services for all the children they steal.  Ripped from mom, dad, sisters, brothers, grandparents, culture, relatives, and everything they have known to be handed to strangers more likely to abuse and neglect them.  Newborns taken right from the hospital before mom is even released.  A hearing held she was not made aware of and then years of lawyers, doctors, GAL's, judges....collecting to keep the case open and the family separated.  If you were in foster care you are at high risk of have your child taken in the future.  These caseworkers prey on the poor, under educated, and scared.  Don't let them get to you and your family.  Educate yourself.  Get a GOOD attorney not a court appointed one that works for CYS.  Know the tricks of their trade.  If you need help there are many resources out there to guide you.  Those with past experience, whistle blowers, and believe it or not honest people who want to stop the corruption in our family courts.  Never give up.  Reach out to other parents, websites and facebook groups that can support you.  More and more families are filing lawsuits and they are WINNING!!!

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