Friday, October 16, 2015

Berks County CYS LIES About Kinship Placements.

This is what Berks County is reporting for the applications (family members who applied for kinship) and those that were denied placement of the child family member.  This is such an Obvious LIE!!!  First of all over 90% of family members never even receive the letters, required by law, offering them kinship from Berks County CYS.  Secondly, of the 30+ cases on my desk right now every single family applied for and was approved for kinship in 2015 and all were denied the child.  That blows that 19 figure out of the water.  In 12 other 2015 cases I have worked on family filed for guardianship and adoption and were denied.  This is a few amont of cases imagine the REAL numbers.  Berks County blatantly goes against the law which clearly states that reunification is first next kinship.  Because the staff at BCCYS is so accustomed to ignoring laws and actually prefer criminal methods, a large percentage of Berks County children are shoved to strangers, switched from foster home to foster home, denied any contact with family, drugged and left in the system until they age out.  When will these crimes on families end?  When more and more families get good lawyers and prove how their amendment rights, civil rights and lies being submitted by BCCYS are proven and caseworkers, lawyers, GAL's and judges start going to prison for their roles in this racketeering and extortion activity that is destroying the core of America.  The FAMILY!!!

Kinship applications from 2010-2015 by fiscal year.
                                 Application          Denials
2010-2011                      286                   9
2011-2012                      343                  15
2012-2013                      316                  27
2013-2014                      365                  25
2014-2015                      365                  19                      

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