Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rachael Drobnick Continues Her Mission to DESTROY Families.

I received another complaint about Rachael Drobnick.  Not only has she committed numerous illegal acts to steal children and get them under her control she also has right out told a Reading family that "We do not follow the law here at Berks County CYS."  This family has managed to get their children away from Drobnick's claws but only due to the fairness of Judge Sprecher questioning the shady motives of Drobnick and her followers.  Hearing Master Narci Hughes also refused to remove the children on September 24, 2015.  Number one Drobnick was attempting to have removal accomplished without the Judges approval and her accusations were unproven and questionable.  Normal procedure for Drobnick to try and often succeed in removing children by doing so behind the Judges back.  She has done the exact same thing in a medical kidnap where she went behind Judge Ullman's back to get a Philadelphia Hospital to submit false reports of child abuse when the parents and professional doctors have already proven the reason for the child's illness is disease.  If you are having issues with Drobnick or any Berks County Caseworker please give me a call.  We as a group effort need to rid the CYS office of people that are hell bent on destroying good families, terminating parental rights and adopting children out to strangers.  I am also taking complaints on lawyers, doctors, GAL's and judges.

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