Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Berks CYS STEALS newborn from Hospital November 24th 2015

Again Berks County CYS has stolen another innocent baby from her loving mother's arms.  No allegations, no charges, no concrete reason of any kind.  This is the 3rd child they kidjacked from this mom.  The father was told he needs to take parenting classes if he wants his baby.  Really???  Since when must we all take parenting classes to raise our own children?  This is beyond heartbreaking and a far case of once again over stepping the rights of parents.  We need to join forces and shut down this agency!  This is happening everyday.  Good families destroyed by an agency that has no oversight, no laws to follow and nobody overseeing what they are doing.  Just outright WRONG!!!  I will be updating and adding to this tragic story.

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