Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Federal lawsuit against the State of Kansas and DCF to be filled Wednesday

Five children kept away from family for a year with no substantial reason.  What do you do??

When a state holds your children in foster care for nearly a year, what do you do? A hunger strike was the plan for U.S. veteran and loving father Raymond Schwab, The state of Kansas could present no evidence of abuse or neglect against U.S. Veteran Raymond Schwab. Yet, his five children have remained in the state's custody for nearly a year.
17 days ago Schwab began his second hunger strike in an attempt to regain custody of five of his six children. In April 2015, the Schwab's prepared to move to Colorado, but the state of Kansas removed five of their children before they could leave Topeka.
Raymond, a U.S. veteran had decided to move to Colorado to get proper medical treatment for his P.T.S.D. and chronic pain. This was ideal for his family. However, the state removed the children because he had used cannabis to treat his ailments. He used medicinal cannabis because psychotropic drugs did not work for him.
Like many sufferers of P.T.S.D., Schwab found that the prescription pills made his condition worse. This is the case for some people. Their biological and chemical make up in their brain rejects pills and causes more harm than good. Before the Schwab's were able to leave the state, Raymond had to cure his ailments.
Since the removal, several things have come up from the state as to why the Schwab's cannot transfer the case to their home state of Colorado, unfounded claims and other issues have been brought up by the state. As it sounds the state is reluctant to give up these children.
The way the information unfolds is appalling. This loving father was only doing what was best for his health and his family. At this time a federal lawsuit against the state maybe in the woks. A press conference will be held tomorrow at the state capitol building detailing the next steps in this case.
The Schwab's and their support intend to keep fighting for the return of their children. Raymond was arrested peacefully at the state capitol building and peacefully complied with police when they instructed him to remove his information center tent. This shows his character is that of a loving father willing to do anything to get his kids home.

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