Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Adoption Incentives

Under the federal adoption incentive law, your child is placed under a time constraint for "permanency" the moment that child is taken into custody.
Approximately one year after the "adjudication hearing" the federal mandate of the "concurrent plan" of forced adoption is required to be added to your service plan as an alternative to reunification or family placement.
Quite often the caseworker will try to slip that little known fact by you by not giving you a copy of his/her report or not mentioning it in the hearing. The federal adoption incentive states that cps MUST make an "attempt at reunification or family placement" before the concurrent plan of adoption is implemented. What you may not be aware of is that under this law no funding is given for family placement or for reunification and CPS only gives lip service to these two goals AS ARE REQUIRED by the federal adoption incentive.
The true and primary goal of CPS is FORCED ADOPTION from the minute your child is FORCEFULLY REMOVED from you. CPS ONLY receives funding for COMPLETED ADOPTIONS! Your child is evaluated for certain "pick-up points" at the time they are taken into custody, points such as adaptability, age, "mild disability", sex and skin color are all things that determine the fate of your child in the adoption market.
CPS receives unlimited federal monies every year to service the huge market for adoption in this country while at the same time ridding the states of "welfare parents" and providing these children "a better home". CPS will give you a service plan that is impossible to complete in one year and if you do they will use subversive tactics like stopping visits, ignoring you or coming up with new requirements for you to complete before you can get your child home.
It is better to know from the outset that cps has no intention of returning your child to you and to battle them from that perspective rather than blindly following them in hope your child will be returned. Stand up for your rights as a client of CPS. MAKE THEM COMPLY WITH THE COURT ORDER and stand up for YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!
You must know the laws that pertain to your case. Do not wait on your attorney to win this for you. If your attorney is court appointed his pay for serving you comes from the funding provided by the federal adoption incentive as does the judges, the attorney for the child, the CASA,guardian ad litem, the vouchers for a psyche evaluation, drug testing, counseling and THOSE RIDICULOUS PARENTING CLASSES!
The primary goal of CPS in all of this is to get those federal funds so they continue to have pay checks. At approximately 18 months parents' rights are terminated and the prospective adoptive family (often "foster parents" who are actually shopping for their family) start the adoption process. Over this first 18 months a well thought out and meticulous ALIENATION PROCESS has been implemented to groom your child for adoption: visits become less frequent, barriers are put in place, and your child is geared toward the strangers that are FOSTER WAREHOUSING them. Every bit of this process is intentional!
The goal IS adoption. If you get your head around this and approach your battle as a war to be won instead of what COS wants you to believe you will stand a better chance of getting your kids back. PUT PRESSURE ON THE JUDGE, your attorney and that piece of crap CHILD TRAFFICKER (caseworker). Be vocal! Fight for your rights! You are under a federally mandated time constraint!

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