Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Corrupt CASA Do Not Trust Them They Are OWNED

The "volunteer" court appointed advocate. A person brought in by the judge to make an impartial, unbiased determination of what is best for your child.
First let's deal with the "volunteer" aspect of the CASA. In many states (but not all states) the CASA and the guardian ad litem are one and the same person. And while that CASA role may be volunteer, the GAL role is receiving a hefty fee for services.
In my 1st custody case over a grandchild, the GAL fee was $1,200.00 paid for by ME because the other party abandoned the case. In my case for my grandson, Jake, the CASA/GAL issued her first biased report based solely on what an already prejudiced caseworker told her without ever having met me or Jake's parents. In fact her report was word for word identical to the caseworker's.
In following the money and reading CASA's own website I learned that the entire CASA program is funded by social security, title IV, AND FUNDING FROM THE COURTS. All of this money comes from? guessed it...your federal tax dollars.
The CASA does not need a degree or special schooling, and after 30 days of "in house" training is set loose in the world at the behest of district court judges to destroy your life with their "impartial" decisions.
WHY? Because the folks at HHS (child welfare division) needed a way to legitimize the ‪#‎TAKEN‬ children for lawmakers. In other words lawmakers and judges needed to sell the confiscation of children to the masses and what better way than to bring in an "expert" to legitimize the entire operation and take the heat off the judges!
Are we really supposed to believe that thousands of "do gooders" out of their deep concern for children step up for no financial gain, no "career", and do all these thousands of hours of writing court reports, hauling kids around, supervising visits, meeting parents, inspecting their homes, "building" relationships with the children, and making life decisions for complete strangers, for not one single penny of compensation? I don't believe that crap for one minute. Neither does anyone else! How pray tell do these CASA folk feed their own children if they do not get paid to "save" those poor abused deprived state care kids?
Well the millions received in federal funding by the CASA association of America answers THAT question for me.
Judges rely too heavily on the "opinion" of this inadequately trained "volunteer". And the only answer as to why that I can come up with is this: Passing the buck helps all involved to legitimize the taking of the children. A judge can feel better about his decision (by the way judges receive training and compensation also) by calling in this bogus "expert". The "expert" backs the caseworker, the judge backs both the caseworker and the CASA, and everyone is happy (paid) EXCEPT the children who are emotionally destroyed, and the parents who NEVER recover from the loss of a living child.
Millions (now billions) change hands in this Ponzi scheme in which the merchandise is ACTUALLY the human flesh of your child, all done with your tax dollars. The CASA's role in the confiscation of your children for title IV funding should now be abundantly clear!

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