Wednesday, April 6, 2016

GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT Never Forget It. CYS Will Create Your Nasty History

Because of the way the family court system in America is set up, parents of‪#‎TAKEN‬ children are in a unique position. They are guilty of "crimes" real or imagined that are created by a caseworker, mandated reporter, vindictive relative or other "concerned person". This process lands parents and other biological family far outside the structures of the constitution and bill of rights. In family court there is no due process. You have no rights.
The mistake parents make from the very beginning is they go into this process believing they will experience "justice" and "fairness" under the law. This will not happen in family court. What you need to understand is child protective services and family court is a business and a very large industry. A 12 Billion dollar a year industry. Vital to that industry's continued success is the need for an ever increasing supply of warm bodies of adoptable children.
Not only judges, DAs, attorneys, the CASA and guardian ad litem are making a fortune off your children being in state custody but lawmakers, lobbyists and the related services industries such as counselors, psychologists, drug tests, parenting classes, jails, S employees, etc. are ALL EATING THEIR MEALS OFF THE BODIES OF YOUR CHILDREN.
The federal funding through the Children and Safe Families Act of 1997 signed by Bill Clinton created an endless flood of federal dollars to child protection agencies in the United States. It did not take long for the agency to figure out that they had been handed a blank check, with very little oversight or accountability. Let me put it this way: how many children must be "in states' custody" to pay a caseworker for a year? Benefits, payroll, medical plan, and retirement ALL sit on the bodies of your children. That's why caseworkers fight so fiercely to keep your child in custody. Your child is their pay check. Your child provides that caseworker with a livelihood, a career, a position. Caseworkers can have a degree in anything to become employed by CPS and start making a living and making life decisions for your children.
I can find no rhyme or reason to the family court process. I feel it is the largest Ponzi scheme since the Ponzi scheme was created. Parents pour every asset, effort, and resource into getting their child back, and just like a Ponzi scam or the lottery there are very few winners. The scam allows just enough winners to keep them coming back for more. In this case no one questions the motivations of the court because this is America and surely there is justice in the land of the free and the home of the brave! RIGHT?
Well I, Geri Pfeiffer, a grandmother, from Logan county, OKLAHOMA am here to tell you this: forget everything you ever believed about the justice system in America! The corrupt family court is not part of the justice system. Judges, by their own doing and motives have set the family court process outside the sanctions of constitutional law. Every expert is quick to say, "justice under the law", and unfortunately that is what parents are looking for in family court. Justice and due process have been very carefully crafted OUT of the family court process for one reason: while you are busy looking for justice and due process, the court is getting paid, along with everyone else who has their fingers in the adoption incentive pie, to sell your children to the highly lucrative forced adoption market.
Simply a very complicated family court system is taking children from "unacceptable" families and selling them for federal funding. What can you do about it? What I am finding is there is no sure fire answer to that question. In some courts a few parents have used certain maneuvers to get their children back. This is the exception and not the rule. Know this going in though: you are in a war against a fearsome adversary for your very family, your constitutional rights, and your right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I disagree with the people who say family court is not covered by constitutional law. I feel a biased system has set family court outside constitutional law for its own greedy purposes. We must unify, and make a stand to rectify this gross miscarriage of justice in the family court system.
Because the family court process is a "no win" deal I have arrived at the place of active resistance against the corrupt family court. MAKE YOUR STAND!!! Do not sign ANYTHING. If you agree to services get a backup evaluation, another opinion, a second drug test, or counseling. Don't communicate with the caseworker by any means but text(so you have a record). QUESTION EVERYTHING!!!! And do not be afraid to fire the court appointed attorney(he's not going to do anything but stand there. Silently).
Remember these are your children. Illegally gotten by a corrupt and out of control government agency. WE MUST RESIST!!! Demand answers. Find the next person up the ladder and express your concerns in a clear and loud voice. Judges need to know we are not going to be silent victims anymore!!!
In the eyes of society AND that family court judge you are guilty by virtue of the fact that you have a CPS worker at your door. If your already guilty until you prove yourself may as well RESIST!!! The great changes in our society came thru active resistance when our government overstepped their authority. CPS and the corrupt family court are way past that. It is time to bring the executive branch of our government under control and once Again become a "by the people, for the people" republic!
Our time is now. UNITE AND FIGHT

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