Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton Behind CYS Child Kidnappings

This sick and demented woman is the main person who started the kidjacking and increased the profit incentives for these agencies to get out of control.  She truly believes that the government is better at raising our children than parents.  What an idiot!!  Contact your local legislators and tell them your story about CYS abuse, taking children, denying rights, forcing termination of parental rights and adopting out our babies for profit.  Tell them we want oversight of CYS and the incentives of big money to STOP!!!  Put the money into keeping families together and helping secure that children remain with parents if at all possible.  Berks county cases up 191% according to DA John Adams.  You think that would be the red flag that something is way wrong.  Nope.  Chalks it up to mandated reporting.  The heroin crisis is really allowing CYS to steal babies.  BEWARE!  We need change.  Please contact your state and local people voted into office to work for our families.

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