Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton HATES CHILDREN!!

The money Hillary's government hands out to states and counties to steal your children. Incentives raise to $8000 if they can adopt a child out. Berks County is taking 40-50 children per month up 191% and not one person in government or law enforcement has tried or been able to stop the corruption. Berks county now depends on the millions they receive by taking children from good families. There is no oversight no protection for families.  Listen to her ad "No matter where they are born or to whom they are born."  She truly wants every child owned by government not family.  You can lose you child to the government for not vaccinating, false reporting, if you are in a car accident, if the baby is underweight at birth, if the child is truant from school, if they fall on the is a never ending list of reason to steal kids from good families.  Once they have your child they will work day and night to dig up anything they can on you.  They have used parking tickets passed due to keep children.  If after interviewing all your family, friends, exes they still can't find anything they will start creating false evidence of abuse or anything to twist and turn facts to keep that child.  They will present it to the judge and because she also reaps from the money train she will rule against you.  Once they make you jump threw hoops to try and get your child back they will have excuse after excuse until 15 months has passed and they terminate your rights and adopt your child out to strangers.  Hillary Clinton is 100% responsible for this system through Title VI-E funding and all the incentives $$$ and no proof of passage to kidjack children.  She don't care about children she cares about the money wheel she has created to destroy families and the lives of children by holding them hostage in the government system where most will end up homeless, in jail, drug addicts or commit suicide.  This is Hillary's America.  She knows how to run corrupt fund raising schemes at the expense of innocent people's lives.

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