Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hillary Profiting From Late Term Abortions by Selling Parts

Pretty much explains why she is bragging about supporting late term abortions.  She is getting big money for selling the bodies.  This is a sick sick woman.  She hates children have no doubts.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Seven Social Workers Sold Millions in EBT Cards

This is some of the slimy stuff the CYS and other agency employees do to pad their incomes.  They also have their own blood labs, counseling agencies, Mental examiners... BEWARE!  Social workers are more likely to be criminals than good people just wanting to help you.

Losing Custody of YOUR CHILDREN Because of FALSE Neglect Charges by Social Workers

Proven fact that everyday hundreds of children end up in foster care because of FALSE charges made by social workers.  There is NO oversight in Children and Youth Services so all they have to do is make up a story take custody of your children and they own them.  They will make up more and more lies to keep them state owned.  It will be put upon you to fight the false charges (nearly impossible) and follow their list of rules, take all of their assigned classes, be drug tested, have your house and privacy invaded and your money grabbed as you fight so hard to prove them liars and get your children home safe.  Your children on the flip side are placed with strangers (sometimes abusive) and they begin to tell them you don't want them and you are bad people.  This is all in return for thousands of dollars they receive to take and KEEP your children.  They get an even bigger pay off if they can keep them for 15 months and terminate your rights so they can be adopted.  This is an ever growing disgusting child stealing ring started by Bill and Hillary Clinton.  News is Breaking now as to why they want your children.  Child trafficking to pedofiles like Bill Clinton and all of their rich friends.  They even have an island where these children are sent and kept for rich weirdos to fly to and have sex with.

Out of Control Department of Human Services Agencies

Medical Kidnap has done a number of very informative truthful articles about Children and Youth Services and how they steal our children for money.  Please read and feel free to comment.