Friday, March 17, 2017

PA Forcing Adoptions-Making it "Easier"

Improving PA’s Adoption Policies
To help place children in loving homes, the House this week passed eight bills to improve Pennsylvania’s unfriendly adoption policies. The bipartisan package would help ensure that all parties – birth parents, adoptive parents and children – can benefit from a smoother process.

The cornerstone bill in the package would shorten the period in which a birth parent can revoke his or her consent to an adoption from 30 days to 14. This window of time would start after consent for adoption has been given, not from the time the child is born.

Another bill, which I am sponsoring, would add reasonable living expenses incurred by a birth mother to the list of permissible reimbursable expenses paid by a prospective adoptive family during the course of the adoption process.

Complete BS

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