Monday, June 19, 2017

DO NOT SIGN the Safety Plan

PARENTS*** ... Did you know by signing the "Safety Plan" with the CYS Workers, "allowing" them to complete the investigation you're ALLOWING them to take their sweet time and NONE of the Statues apply to you as a citizen UNTIL a judge has ordered on behalf of your case?!! . (this can take MONTHS to do so)
TRANSLATION** IF for any reason a Child and Youth Service Worker states to you their taking your children and tell you IF you don't sign their Safety Plan that they will take you to court for an ECO (Emergency Custody Order) LET THEM TAKE YOU TO COURT you do NOT have to sign their piece of paper!! You have 99% of a better chance of getting your children back into your home QUICKER if you let them file through the court rather than voluntarily work with them! Why?? How is that possible you ask??
By signing the CYS Workers Safety Plan your allowing them to keep them longer than the actual state would even allow!!
Tell them any paperwork MUST be reviewed by your attorney.  You have a better chance of speeding things up and winning with a PRIVATE attorney.  If you do sign anything ALWAYS write "Under Duress" by your signature.
All this agency has to do is drag out your case for 15 months when they then start Termination of Parental Rights.  They will forge documents, make up lies, harass all of your family for dirt on you, stalk you, tell you that you must leave your partner and or file a Protection from Abuse Order (totally illegal and should be reported to state police that they are forcing you to lie to a judge in order to see or get your children back) make you take all kinds of unneeded counseling, drug tests...Educate yourself and they will not win.  If they lie on your records file a Declaration of Fact and correct those mistakes.  Stay strong!  Don't let them break you down.  They will keep doing things to you to try and make you crack or do something else they can use.  
If you have another child in care and are pregnant DO NOT have that baby in the same county.  Establish residence somewhere else which takes jurisdiction away from the county/state where you lost other children to them.  They stalk hospital nurseries 24-7 to steal children.  Don't be a victim, MOVE!!
If they are threatening to take children from you MOVE!  Don't waste another minute.  Pack up your family and disappear.  Please read through this blog and EDUCATE yourself so you do not lose your babies.  These agencies are relentless and making BIG MONEY off children.  They have the power make sure you have MORE POWER.  There is a list of attorneys for every state in this blog.

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