Monday, June 5, 2017

List of BAD PA Attorneys with Bar Complaints

1► Attorney Marvin Abrams of Pittsburgh, convicted tax cheat
2► Attorney Ronald Abrams of Philadelphia; ethical misfit
3► Attorney Evan Adair of Erie, PA; apologist for Attorney Misfit
4► Attorney Charles Aliano of Susquehanna, PA; ethical dwarf
5► Attorney Rhonda Anderson of Philadelphia; convicted felon
6► Attorney Robert Arcovio of Pittsburgh; apologist for Attorney Misfits
7► Attorney David Assad Jr. of Philadelphia; lying thief
8► Attorney Robert Attig of Philadelphia, PA; lying loser
9► Attorney Stephen Banik of Wellsboro, PA; crook, liar, drug abuser
10► Attorney Paul Bartle of Blue Bell, PA; moronic cheater
11► Attorney Laurie Besden of Camp Hill, PA; convicted drunk
12► Attorney John Bellino of Kingston, PA; repeat offender
13► Attorney Laurie Besden of Camp Hill, PA; serial criminal
14► Attorney David Beyer of Ebensburg, PA; apologist for crooked lawyer
15► Attorney Orest Bezpalko II of Philadelphia; wife beater
16► Attorney Jeffrey Blaker of Philadelphia; serial criminal
17► Attorney Paul Boas of Pittsburgh; cheerleader for convicted felons
18► Attorney Lawrence Bolind Jr. of Imperial, PA; serial offender
19► Attorney Clayton Boulware of Lafayette Hill, PA; convicted pervert
20► Attorney Douglas Breidenbach Jr. of Pottstown, PA; ethical misfit
21► Attorney Michael Brint of Elkins Park, PA; ethical leprechaun
22► Attorney Duane Brown of Philadelphia; habitual drunk
23► Attorney Lawrence Brown of Philadelphia; apologist for Attorney Pervs
24► Attorney James S. Bruno of Philadelphia; serial offender
25► Attorney James Budzak of Ambridge, PA; convicted cokehead, liar
26► Attorney Thomas E. Butler, Jr. of Flourtown, PA; convicted tax cheater
27► DA Kelly Callihan of Ebensburg, PA; apologist for crooked lawyer
28► Attorney Melvin Carter of Philadelphia; convict
29► Attorney Jill Castelliniof Philadelphia, PA; ethical dwarf
30► Attorney Frank Cecchetti of Pittsburgh; serial offender
31► Attorney Shelley Centini of Wilkes-Barre, PA; lying loser
32► Attorney John Cermak of Ambridge, PA; ethical gremlin
33► Attorney Donald Chisholm II of Philadelphia; repeat offender
34► Attorney Anthony Cianfrani of Philadelphia; serial thief
35► Attorney Joseph Claffy of West Chester, PA; apologist for crooked attorneys
36► Attorney Michael Coard of Philadelphia; serial offender
37► Attorney Leighton Cohen of Allentown, PA; ethical leprechaun
38► Attorney Francis Colleran of Philadelphia; lying loser
39► Attorney James Cooney of Pittsburgh; serial drunk
40► Attorney W. Christopher Conrad of Pittsburgh; drunken convict
41► Attorney Richard Corcoran of Ebensburg, PA; thief, serial liar
42► Attorney Robert Creem of Whitehall, PA; ethical leper-con
43► Attorney Russell D’Aiello Jr. of Wrightsville, PA; convicted fraudster
44► Attorney Joseph D’Andrea of Dunmore, PA; tax cheat
45► Attorney Robert Danenberg of Pittsburgh, PA; convicted fraudster
46► Attorney Kathleen Dautrich of Reading, PA; repeat offender, thief
47► Attorney Reed Davis of Pittsburgh; convicted felon
48► Attorney Aaron Denker of Philadelphia; convict felon
49► Attorney Emanuele DeStefano of Tobyhanna, PA; scofflaw
50► Attorney Jill Devine of Warrendale, PA; thief
51► Attorney Scott DiClaudio of Philadelphia; repeat offender
52► Attorney Joseph Diorio of Willow, PA; slacker
53► Attorney Lek Domni of Philadelphia, PA; ethical gremlin
54► Attorney Robert Donatoni of West Chester, PA; apologist for attorney thieves
55► Attorney Michael Donohue of Allentown, PA; convict
56► Attorney Edward Dougherty of Havertown, PA; serial thief
57► Attorney Christopher Dreisbach of Harrisburg, PA; convict, loser
58► Attorney Diane Edbril of Wayne, PA; apologist for attorney thieves
59► Attorney Leonard Edelstein of Philadelphia; ethical misfit
60► Attorney Max Ernst of Philadelphia; ethical gremlin
61► Attorney John Evans of Schwenksville, PA; ethical gremlin
62► Attorney Steven Feinstein of Warminster, PA; ethical gremlin
63► Attorney Scott Feldman of Doylestown, PA; ethical gremlin
64► Attorney Chrystyna Fenchen of Hellertown, PA; convicted drunk
65► Attorney David Ferleger of Jenkintown, PA; ethical dwarf
66► Attorney Jay Fischer of Downingtown, PA; apologist for crooked attorneys
67► Attorney Bryan Flaherty of Pittsburgh; serial drunk
68► Attorney Shawn Flaherty of Pittsburgh; cheerleader for convicted felons
69► Attorney Perry Flaugh of Bellwood, PA; ethical misfit
70► Attorney Allan Freedman of Bryn Mawr, PA; convicted drug dealer
71► Attorney Paul Giba of Philadelphia; thief
72► Attorney Robert Gibson of Philadelphia; convicted batterer
73► Attorney Barry Ginsberg of Blue Bell, PA; serial thief
74► Attorney Howard Goldman of Bristol, PA; ethical leprechaun
75► Attorney James Golkow of Philadelphia; apologist for attorney felons
76► Attorney John Gomolchak of Erie, PA; ethical leprechaun
77► Attorney Brian Grady of Philadelphia; pugilistic bully
78► Attorney Elizabeth Grayof Philadelphia, PA; serial drunk
79► Attorney Lawrence Greenberg of Collingdale, PA; convicted felon
80► Attorney Steven H. Griffiths of Wayne, PA; ethical leprechaun
81► Attorney Neil Grover of Harrisburg, PA; moronic loser
82► Attorney Ronald Gross of Etters, PA; slacker
83► Attorney Richard Guida of Sinking Springs, PA; convicted druggie
84► Attorney Cary B. Hall of Philadelphia a perjurer, certified Dumbo
85► Attorney Robert Hall of Allentown, PA; drunken killer
86► Attorney Mark Halpern of Drexel Hill, PA; ethical leprechaun
87► Attorney Moira C. Harrington of Pittsburgh; scofflaw, moron, liar
88► Attorney Philip Hart of Pittsburgh; cheerleader for convicted felons
89► Attorney John Havey of Aliquippa, PA; convicted felon
90► Attorney James Heidecker, Jr. of Allentown, PA; serial offender
91► Attorney William J. Helzlsouer of Harrisburg, PA; serial liar, loser
92► Attorney Blair Hindman of Clarion, PA; lying loser
93► Attorney John Hudak of Pittsburgh; repeat offender
94► Attorney Bernard Hughes of Philadelphia; ethical misfit
95► Attorney Elizabeth Hughes of Erie, PA; apologist for Attorney Misfits
96► Attorney Robert Hulnick Jr. of West Chester, PA; serial thief
97► Attorney Theresa Italiano of Philadelphia; apologist for attorney felons
98► Attorney Dennis Iulo of Dingmans Ferry, PA; ethical gremlin
99► Attorney Jennifer Jackson of Munhall, PA; scofflaw
100► Attorney Lisa Jenkins of Philadelphia; convict
101► Attorney Mark Johns of Horsham, PA; Dumbo, serial offender
102► Attorney Neil Jokelson of Philadelphia; serial offender
103► Attorney Marlene Joseph of Philadelphia; convicted felon
104► Attorney Dennis Joyce of Pittsburgh; ticket fixer
105► Attorney Kevin Kallenbach of Erie, PA; repeat offender
106► Attorney Arnold Kalman of Philadelphia; ethical goblin
107► Attorney Harry Kane, Jr. of Jenkintown, PA; repeat offender
108► Attorney Mary Karn of Erie, PA; apologist for Attorney Misfits
109► Attorney John Kasaback of Lilly, PA; ethical leprechaun
110► Attorney John Kerr of Mechanicsburg, PA; convicted of serial bribery
111► Attorney Robert Kidwell of Stroudsburg, PA; convicted killer
112► Attorney Craig Kimmel of Ambler, PA; ethical misfit
113► Attorney Edward King of Philadelphia; lying loser
114► Attorney David Knight of Pennsburg, PA; ethical misfit
115► Attorney Itzchak Kornfeld of Philadelphia; ethical dwarf
116► Attorney Lester Krasno of Pottsville, PA; convicted thief
117► Attorney Douglas Kunkle of Allentown, PA; convict
118► Attorney John Larason of Morrisville, PA; ethical goblin
119► Attorney Joseph Lawless Jr. of Ardmore, PA; ethical leprechaun
120► DA Lisa Lazzari of Somerset, PA; apologist for crooked lawyer
121► Attorney Joseph Lento of Philadelphia; ambulance chaser
122► Attorney Jonathan Levin of Philadelphia; serial thief
123► Attorney Barry Levine of Erie, PA; congenital liar
124► Attorney Marc Levitt of Philadelphia; repeat offender, moron
125► Attorney Steven Lipschutz of Philadelphia; ethical dwarf
126► Attorney Donald Litman of Lansdale, PA; ethical misfit
127► Attorney Mark Logue of Philadelphia; convicted druggie
128► Attorney Christopher Lombardo of Philadelphia; ethical dwarf
129► Attorney Andrew F. Malone of Media, PA; convicted pervert
130► Attorney Robert B. Manchester of Bellefonte, PA; moron, scamming liar
131► Attorney Dennis Mark of Scranton; Dufus, ethical misfit
132► Attorney Michael Marks of Pittsburgh; thieving loser
133► Attorney Lance Marshall of State College, PA; misogynist
134► AttorneyPaul McArdle of Pittsburgh, PA; ethical dwarf
135► Attorney Richard McCague of Pittsburgh; serial offender
136► Attorney Michael McCarrin of Media, PA; convicted felon
137► Attorney Christopher McFarland of Allentown, PA; ethical misfit
138► Attorney Edward McIntyre of Franklin, PA; ethical leprechaun
139► Attorney John McTiernan of Pittsburgh; apologist for Attorney Misfits
140► Attorney Steven Mezrow of Philadelphia; ethical dwarf
141► Attorney Andre Michniak of Philadelphia; lying loser
142► DA Stacy Miller of Bellefonte, PA; ethical misfit
143► Attorney Mark Mioduszewski of Erie, PA; apologist for Attorney Misfit
144► Attorney Charles Mirarchi III of Philadelphia; convicted felon
145► Attorney Zenford Mitchell of Pittsburgh; convicted felon
146► Attorney John Mizner of Erie, PA; serial thief
147► Attorney Jeffrey Moore of North Wales, PA; ethical dwarf
148► Attorney John Mort of Mifflintown, PA; ethical dwarf
149► Attorney Gina Mosley of Philadelphia; cheating slacker
150► Attorney Daniel Muessig of Pittsburgh; loser
151► Attorney Karen Muir of State College, PA; ethical misfit
152► Attorney John Murphy of Wellsboro, MA; ethical dwarf
153► Attorney Michael P. Murphy, Jr. of Philadelphia; convict, serial drunk
154► Attorney Philip Murren of Camp Hill, PA; apologist for Attorney Pervs
155► Attorney David Nasatir of Philadelphia, PA; cheerleader for convicted felons
156► Attorney Lawrence Neish of Pittsburgh; ethical gremlin
157► Attorney Gary Nelson of Pittsburgh; repeat offender
158► Attorney Lynn Nichols of Philadelphia; convicted criminal
159► Attorney Tomas Nocella of Philadelphia; congenital liar
160► Attorney Ramon Obod of Philadelphia; convicted liar
161► Attorney John O’Brien III of Wynnewood, PA; ethical goblin
162► Attorney Lee Oesterling of Richboro, PA; Dumbo
163► Attorney Kathleen Paparella of Wernersville, PA; ethical misfit
164► Attorney Brent Peck of Uniontown, PA; convict, serial liar
165► Attorney Benjamin Perkel of Philadelphia, PA; thieving loser
166► Attorney William Perrone of Malvern, PA; convicted thief
167► Attorney Robert Petyak of Ebensburg, PA; thieving loser
168► Attorney Jeffrey Piccola of Harrisburg, PA; ethical leprechaun
169► Attorney Michael Pisanchyn, Jr. of Lackawanna, PA; convicted bully
170► Attorney Ronald Pollack of Feasterville, PA; slacker
171► Attorney Brian Quinn of Havertown, PA; thieving drunk
172► Attorney Thomas R. Quinn of Philadelphia; repeat offender
173► Attorney Milton Raiford of Pittsburgh; convict
174► Attorney Glenn Randall of Southampton, PA; repeat offender
175► Attorney Nancy Raynor of Malvern, PA; ethical misfit
176► Attorney Michael Rentschler of Harrisburg; repeat offender
177► Attorney Mario Restifo of Erie, PA; apologist for attorney perverts
178► Attorney Richard Reynolds of Flourtown, PA; moronic loser
179► Attorney Grahame Richards Jr. of Philadelphia, PA; convicted thief
180► Attorney Michael Rigas of Coudersport, PA; ethical goblin
181► Attorney Cheri Robinson of East Norriton, PA; cheating Dumbo
182► Attorney Jeffrey Robinsonof Wexford, PA; serial criminal
183► Attorney Adam Rogers of Philadelphia; repeat offender
184► Attorney Yvette Rogers of Chester, PA; ethical misfit
185► Attorney Danielle Ross of Scranton, PA; convicted tax cheat
186► Attorney David Rovner of Jenkintown, PA; lying loser
187► Attorney Lawrence Rubin of Bala Cynwyd, PA; tax cheat,
188► Attorney Donald Russo of Easton, PA; moron, repeat offender
189► Attorney Joseph Rydzewski of Hawley, PA; convicted thief
190► Attorney Nicholas Sabatine III of Wind Gap, PA; convicted tax cheat
191► Attorney Gerard St. John of Philadelphia; apologist for Attorney Misfits
192► Attorney Kenneth Saffren of Jenkintown, PA; ethically destitute
193► Attorney Tony Sangiamo of York, PA; convicted Perv
194► Attorney Albert Sardella of Coatesville, PA; apologist for crooked attorneys
195► Attorney Charles Saul of Pittsburgh, PA; apologist for convict lawyer
196► Attorney Paula Scharff of Jeffersonville, PA; liar, Dufus
197► Attorney Gregory Schell of Philadelphia; repeat offender
198► Attorney Norman Scott of Philadelphia; repeat offender
199► Attorney Michael Sedor of Harrisburg, PA; convicted felon
200► Attorney Jeffrey Servin of Philadelphia; repeat offender
201► Attorney Scott Sigman of Philadelphia; lying loser
202► Attorney Robert Silverman of Ambler, PA; ethical misfit
203► Attorney Craig Sokolow of Philadelphia; convict
204► Attorney Dennis Spyra of Pittsburgh, PA; serial offender
205► Attorney Gregory Stagliano of Media, PA; unethical bully
206► Attorney Wayne Stander of Reading, PA; ethical dwarf
207► Attorney Larrick Stapleton of Ardmore, PA; convicted thief
208► Attorney Thomas Stapleton Jr. of Drexel Hill, PA; apologist for attorney thieves
209► Attorney Charles Steele of Pittsburgh, PA; convicted fraudster
210► Attorney Steven M. Stein of Philadelphia; liar, ethical dwarf
211► Attorney James Steiner of Washington, PA; convict
212► Attorney Eugene Steger Jr. of Chadds Ford, PA; convicted thief
213► Attorney George Stenhach of Coudersport, PA; convicted tax cheat
214► Attorney Walter Stenhach of Coudersport, PA; convicted tax cheat
215► Attorney Richard Stevenson of Grantham, PA; apologist for Attorney Pervs
216► Attorney Michael Stosic of Philadelphia, PA; lying loser
217► Attorney Jack Stover of Harrisburg, PA; apologist for Attorney Pervs
218► Attorney Margaret Stuski of Wormleysburg, PA; lying cheater
219► Attorney Samuel Stretton of West Chester, PA; apologist for Judicial Perverts
220► Attorney Dan Susi of Erie, PA; certified pervert, convict, loser
221► Attorney John Talbot II of Philadelphia; ethical elf
222► Attorney Alexander Talmadge, Jr. of Philadelphia; moronic liar
223► Attorney Calvin Taylor, Jr. of Philadelphia; ethical dwarf
224► Attorney Robert Teti of West Chester, PA; serial thief
225► Attorney Gary Thompson of Wayne, PA; lying loser
226► Attorney R. Elliott Toll of Doylestown, PA; convicted thief
227► Attorney Philip Valentino, Jr. of Bensalem, PA; convicted felon
228► Attorney Richard Walters of Pittsburgh; convict
229► Attorney William Watkins of Stroudsburg, PA; repeat offender
230► Attorney Marc Weinberg of Jenkintown, PA; ethical gremlin
231► Attorney Dean Weitzman of Philadelphia; convicted tax cheat
232► Attorney Scott Westcott of Pittsburgh; convict
233► Attorney Lacy Wheeler III of Media, PA; deadbeat loser
234► Attorney Robert A. Wilson of Glenshaw, PA; ethical dwarf
235► Attorney Kenneth Wise of Mechanicsburg, PA; cheating loser
236► Attorney Adam Yanoff of Bensalem, PA; convicted druggie
237► Attorney William Yates of Williamsport, PA; ethical gremlin
238► Attorney Robert Young of Pittsburgh; ethical dwarf
239► Attorney Zenas Zelotes of Butler, PA; repeat offender

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