Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sharing Meehan Maloney Resolution 72 Child Safety First Priority

I'm in front of the United Nations with earthbound angel Jerome Jerome Elam, President and CEO of 'Trafficking In America Task Force.' Jerome will be speaking here on Friday on behalf of human trafficked boys.
We are pleased to share with you a new resolution introduced in Congress by Patrick Meehan and Carolyn Maloney, H.Con.Res 72, making CHILD SAFETY the FIRST PRIORITY in state custody cases.
As advocates, activists, and survivors, we know how the system fails abused women and children. But did you know it's intentional? Male entitlement, oppression of women, keeping vulnerable children in harms way, is all meant to profit the industry, and keep control of women and innocent defenseless children. Yes, it's hard to believe, but in 2017 women and children are still considered property of man in the United States, regardless of whether that man is a domestic violence abuser or pedophile.
But how would you know this?
You wouldn't know it, unless it directly impacted you or a loved one. For you see, there is no oversight of family court. Family court is not open to the public. Judges, lawyers and prosecutors have been instructed to disbelieve and discredit abuse claims by women and children. Members of the BAR association are told to "go along" with the status quo to "get along" -- putting women and children in direct harms way.
Which is why we won't give up till this injustice and insanity ends! The public can't protest what it doesn't know--so join us in shouting it out from the rooftops!!! Together, we Will make a difference.
Thank you Congressman Patrick Meehan and Congresswoman Maloney for making child safety a top priority!

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