Thursday, September 15, 2016

Berks CYS Workers Being Fired Children Still NOT RETURNED HOME

Racheal Drobnick, Nicole Robinson, Kate Acker and Supervisor Shannon Rankin are no longer at Berks CYS falsifying records and lying to the judge.  Problem is MANY cases are still before the judge and the attorneys (John Fielding for one) and Berks CYS are refusing to correct the lies and false documents these caseworkers created.
Children are being adopted to strangers because Berks County is not forcing all cases reviewed when these liars were involved.  As usual there is nobody to turn to for help because this agency has no oversight.  It's a cash cow for the county raking in millions.  This week the District Atty was crying he needs more money because of all the thousands of cases in the agency.  When there is an increase of 191% in cases somebody with a brain must realize most of them are false.  But not in most states and counties like Berks because just for the asking the Federal Gov shells out more cash so they can keep stealing children and destroying families.
Weekly I get 5-10 calls  from desperate parents begging for help to get their children back.  Same old and tried bull crap doled out by the agency.  Child is taken for little to NO reason and then safety plans, drug tests, evals, goes on and on.  The agencies goal is to drag out the hoop jumping for 15 months when they terminate parental rights and adopt out children for even more incentives $$$$$.  Once a child is in their custody they start drugging the children and having counselors convince them that their parents no longer love them.  They refuse parental visits causing Parental Alienation.  Time and Time again same program different family.  It has to STOP!!!!
To date they are still holding hostage to children with a family inherited medical issue claiming the children were abused.  They WERE NOT!!!  Their parents love them very much and want them home.  Even thought Judge Ullman has been presented with overwhelming amount of evidence the judge refuses to return the children.
Children are being ripped from grandparents, family members and parents placed with strangers all for money.  This agency has no PROOF to hold these children hostage in the system but not one lawmaker or law enforcement person will come front and stop this outright kidjacking of our children.


  1. This is what is happening to me someone please get ahold of me same judge same people

  2. Please I have all these problems and still don't have my daughter back who can I contact