Thursday, January 19, 2017

“Incentivized adoption is morally wrong. Children in America should never have a price on their head to be ’loved’. It has created a nightmare for those living in poverty, who have neither the resources nor specialized knowledge to fight for their children. Many lawmakers are fully aware of the outcomes of these cases yet turn a blind eye as the funding is good for business in the counties they represent. My son had a jury trial for his son and was found ’guilty’ even though he had never been charged with a crime. He was told repeatedly throughout the ’trial’ that his son was being taken from him because of my own advocacy and activism speaking out on CPS issues. Federal guidelines and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) policy insist on biological family placement, in reality many caseworkers manipulate the placement toward stranger’s because of the higher rate of pay for that type of placement. Since Oct 31, 2013 I have spoken with thousands of grieving extended biological family members who have been systematically cut out of their grandchild’s life because they, like myself, were told they were ’too old’ or ’mentally diminished’. I might add that caseworkers although not licensed doctors of medicine, routinely make medical diagnosis to the judge about family members. My work with grieving families led me to work with a dear friend to create a website,, for children and their biological families to search for each other. We offer information, support and hope for many of these families.” -GERI PFEIFFER

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